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During the checkout process, you can choose to have your tires shipped right to your favorite installer!



 Shop on the site and add your items to the shopping cart. Then select the free "Ship to an Installer" option.



Select the local installer of your choice, set your appointment date and time, and complete your transaction.*


Complete your purchase and we will ship your tires directly to the installer. That's it!


* Installation cost is included during checkout for installers partnered with CarAdvise. Installers outside of the CarAdvise network only accept payments for the installation in their shops locally after the installation is complete.


Priority Tire has partnered with CarAdvise to bring you a wide selection of installers!

Select from over 3,000 locations nationwide with trusted brands such as Firestone & Pep Boys. Join the over 2 million satisfied

CarAdvise customers and save on your tire installation and all other services an average of 26% below retail.


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Common Questions

What is CarAdvise?

We have partnered with CarAdvise, an online platform that connects our customers with installers in their area. During checkout, you can choose the “Ship to an Installer” option and select a CarAdvise installer, a time and date for the service, and have your order shipped to their shop. The payment for the installation is then added to your total at checkout.

Can I sign up as an Installer with Priority Tire?

Yes, you may sign up for our Installer Program on this page.

Can I schedule the installation during the checkout process?

Yes, you will have the option to schedule an appointment with your selected installer during checkout. You will be able to choose your preferred date and time.

When you select one of our installer partners, once the order is made, our team will contact the installer to finalize the appointment and send you an email with the confirmation or contact you to reschedule the appointment. We do not guarantee that the selected date and time will be free. Please wait for the confirmation e-mail or the rescheduling call!

If you choose an installer from the CarAdvise network, their system will send you an automatic confirmation email with the information of the selected installer, and the date and time of the service.

Can I pay for installation during checkout?

Whether or not you need to pay for the installation during checkout depends on the installer you choose.

As we are working with CarAdvise, for certain installers the service fee is processed as an additional charge when you place your order. On the other hand, some of our installer partners only take payment after the installation is completed.

However, how an installer takes payment (during checkout or at their facility) depends on whether they are part of the CarAdvise partnership.

Can I reschedule the appointment once it was confirmed?

Yes, you can reschedule. But, the process differs whether the installer chosen is part of the CarAdvise network or not.

If they are partnered with CarAdvise, you will need to contact the CarAdvise Customer Service Team.

However, with installers outside of the Caradvise network, please contact us at 866-440-0177 or [email protected] and we will contact your chosen installer for a new appointment.

How much does installation cost?

For each installer, we have included their price ranges during checkout. You will be able to see the price ranges for all installers.

What do I need to bring to the installer to confirm the appointment?

Please bring your Priority Tire invoice with you to the appointment, as the installer will need to confirm your purchase. The invoice can be in paper or e-mail form.

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