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About us

Priority Tire strives to provide exceptional new tires for sale at the lowest prices possible. We ensure that all our customers find the best match for their vehicles, while saving $100s. At Priority Tire we work hard to offer competitive prices on the replacement tire market, promoting excellent discounts on top and lesser-known brands alike.

At Priority Tire, you will receive a 90 Day Money back Guarantee with all orders. Ordering the wrong model or size will not leave you stranded with unusable tires. In such cases, please contact our Customer Service team for assistance.

Tire changes do not need to be a burden. Whether it’s for your lease return or an unexpected damage we make replacing your tires less stressful. Our top-rated Customer Service Care and our stock of versatile tire brands, models and sizes make sure that all customers are satisfied with the purchase of their new tires. Our cheaper prices allow you to get better quality tires, while saving up to 55% off retail prices with the discounts we offer.


Priority Tire is a family-owned business. The company was established 15 years ago to provide good quality tires for our customers at the best prices available online. Our first location was in Allentown, PA where we operated from a smaller warehouse.

Over the years we have grown our stock of tires, which has led us to move warehouses and open a few more. We expanded our storage space in Allentown and opened two more locations in Texas and Florida. Today, all three warehouses and their personnel work endlessly to get the best quality new tires to our customers in the shortest possible time.

Another important aspect worth mentioning is our Customer Service Team. Our Customer Service Representatives work diligently, answering any and all questions and inquiries our customers may have, while also resolving their problems in the most efficient manner. If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Our initial location and the start of our business is based in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. This warehouse is the second one we have occupied over the years in Allentown. Priority Tire has flourished and we had to move to a larger, air-conditioned, Allentown-based warehouse.


When opening our second location, we have travelled south-west, near to the largest city in Texas. Our Coppel, TX warehouse is also air-conditioned to ensure the quality of the tires we store there, by preventing weather and age damage.


Moving east, our next warehouse was opened in Jacksonville, FL. Here too, we ensure that tires are stored in the safest way possible, using air-conditioning and other storing methods to provide exceptional quality tires to our customers.


With our company growing, we have opened our newest warehouse in Orlando, Florida. All tires are stored in an air-conditioned building, which keeps them safe and helps our team be more efficient during the shipping process.