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Vredestein Tires

Vredestein is a tire manufacturing company based in the Netherlands which was established in 1909. At the beginning they manufactured bicycle tires, but since then they have come a long way. The company’s products now include passenger vehicle, SUV and van tires for all season, summer and winter weather use. Contemporary design and production methods are used with every model Vredestein makes to ensure high quality products.

  • Popular Touring Models:

    Comtrac All Season, Quatrac 5

  • Popular Winter Models:

    Nord-Trac 2, Snowtrac 5

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vredestein

Where are Vredestein tires made?

Vredestein Tires was manufactured in the Netherlands. This manufacturer is a premium brand, with 110 years of experience. They produce tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and commercial and industrial applications.

Are Vredestein tires good?

Yes, Vredestein Tires are considered to be excellent-quality tires that are imported from Europe. Their tire models ensure a secure performance with their optimized tread design, compound blends, and construction, promoting high driving safety levels at all times.

Who makes Vredestein tires?

Vredestein Tires is owned by Apollo Tyres, Ltd. This is an Indian tire manufacturer, who has purchased Vredestein in 2009. As a result, these tires are designed and manufactured under Apollo Tyres' umbrella.

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