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Finance & Make Low Monthly Payments

Shop for tires online and pay later! Priority Tire offers multiple financing options to ensure a convenient shopping experience.

Finance Your Purchases Now With PayPal Credit

Get approved for PayPal Credit quickly, and enjoy a secure online shopping experience.

Decision Made in Seconds

Receive PayPal Credit by answering a few questions. Decision on your qualification for PayPal Credit is provided within a few seconds.

No Annual Fee

Create your purchase now and pay over time throughout the year with no annual fee. Terms and Conditions apply.*

Apply Once

If you are approved for PayPal Credit, it will be added to your account. Use PayPal Credit with your purchases whenever you need to without card numbers or expiration dates.

What is PayPal Credit?
PayPal Credit is a digital, reusable credit line. It is available to PayPal users to pay for goods and services offered by thousands of online stores. PayPal Credit can be used anywhere where PayPal is accepted as a payment method.
Why buy with PayPal Credit?
PayPal Credit lets you make purchases now and pay for them over a period of time. Get the same benefits and security as when you are using PayPal.
Am I eligible to buy with PayPal Credit?
In order to see whether you are eligible to purchase using PayPal Credit, apply for the service and get an answer within a few seconds. For PayPal Credit, you only need to apply once and it will be added to your PayPal account after that.
Does using PayPal Credit impact my credit score?
Yes, applying and using PayPal Credit affects your credit score. It will contribute to your payment history and credit utilization rate. You will undergo a hard credit check, which will appear on your credit score and lower it by a few points..
How can I checkout with PayPal Credit?
During the checkout, click on the option for PayPal and select the PayPal Credit as your payment method.
Is using PayPal Credit safe?
Yes, using PayPal Credit is completely safe and secure. It follows the highest standards that many credit card companies follow to ensure protection against theft and fraud by securing user data.

*Limitations apply. This program is open only to eligible U.S. PayPal account owners. Once the service is activated, participants may receive up to 12 refunds (up to $30.00 per refund request) per calendar year (January 1 – December 31) on qualifying returns of tangible items returned in accordance with the seller's return policy. Other limitations apply.


We are partnering with Affirm to bring you reliable financing options..

Shopping Options are Flexible

Choose the payment option and schedule that works best for you and your budget.

Transparent Offers

Unlike with credit card debt, with Affirm you will know the total amount you’ll have to pay upfront.

Without Hidden Fees

There are no late or hidden fees or penalties with Affirm. You will always pay what you have agreed to.


What is Affrim?
Affirm, also known as Affirm Holdings, Inc., is a financial technology company that has been offering “buy now, pay later” services for online and in-store purchases since 2012.
Will Affirm impact my Credit Score?
Yes, Affirm can impact your credit score. While creating an Affirm account and checking your financing options will not affect your credit score, your Affirm payment history, the amount of credit used, the length of the credit, and making late payments will.
How Does Affirm Work?
Affirm offers monthly payment plans of 3, 6, or 12 months. You can choose the period that best suits you. Furthermore, right from the first step, you will know the full amount that you will have to pay.
How Come There Are No Late Fees?
Affirm charges interest on some purchases as well as commissions from businesses. In cases where interest is applied, you will know the full amount you have to pay within the agreed-upon period. However, by paying it off faster, you might be charged less.
How Do I Know Payment Was Successful?
When the merchant finalizes your order, you will receive a loan confirmation from Affirm. This confirmation will include your final payment schedule. If this confirmation does not arrive, the order has not been fully processed. In such cases, please check your Affirm account.
Who do I Contact About an Issue with My Order?
First, you need to contact the merchant, in this case, Priority Tire. Their customer service team will be able to assist you with a cancellation or a return, and your Affirm account will be updated to reflect the change.

*In case you have additional questions, make sure to contact  Affirm Customer Support

Shop Now, Pay With Klarna

We've partnered with Klarna to give you a better shopping experience.

It's smooth and simple

When you choose Klarna at checkout, you'll get the option to shop now and pay later for your purchase.

Pay in 30 days

Make your purchase today so you can try before you buy. Only pay for what you keep. Pay up to 30 days later. No interest. No fees. No impact to your credit score.

Safe and secure

Klarna has strong anti-fraud controls in place to protect our customers and prevent fraudsters from making unauthorized purchases.


What is Klarna?
Klarna is an alternate payment method you may use to split your purchase into multiple payments. In order to apply for payment with Klarna, please use Klarna during checkout.
How do I sign up?
As long as the items in your cart are eligible for Klarna’s services, you will have the option to select Klarna as a payment option during checkout. Once the order is confirmed, your account will be charged for the first quarter of the purchase total. You will be notified by Klarna when the payment is processed and, after that, each time when the next payment is due.
Has Klarna received my payment?
For any questions related to your Klarna payment, you can contact Klarna Customer Support. Their agents are available 24/7 and they will be able to confirm your payment. Please provide them with your order number if you have received a confirmation via email. You can find the link to Klarna’s Customer Support below this FAQ section.
What are the conditions to sign up?
In order to sign up, you must be in possession of a U.S. credit card or debit card, have to be over 18 years of age, have to have an SMS-capable phone number, and have a U.S. residential address.
Will I still be charged if my order is canceled?
Cancellations fall under our cancellation policy. When we confirm the cancellation of the order, Klarna will update your payments accordingly. You will be able to see the status of your payments at all times via Klarna’s website or app. Processing the refund can take up to 14 days, depending on your financial institution. Before checking the status of your refund with Klarna, please check your account used for the original payment, as the refund might have been already deposited. However, if 14 days pass since the refund was issued and you still did not receive the funds, please contact Klarna’s Customer Service (link found below) for support.
What happens if I don’t pay for my order?
If a payment cannot be collected on the scheduled date, Klarna will try one more time. If the next attempt is also unsuccessful, the missed payment will be added to the next payment cycle. Missed payments and unpaid debts will be sent to debt collectors by Klarna.

*In case you have additional questions, make sure to contact Klarna Customer Support

Get What You Want Right Now With Acima Leasing

Get approved for Acima Leasing in a couple of steps and enjoy a seamless online shopping experience.

Get Yourself Approved in Seconds

Complete your mobile or online application with Acima Leasing and receive an instant decision. Take a moment to apply online and you could be approved for up to $4,000 dollars instantly.

Flexible Purchase Options

Get what you need right now with Acima Leasing and pay for it over time. Use our popular 90 Day Early Purchase Option or Pay off any time during your 12 month Term.

Apply Now and Shop Any Time

Once you're approved with Acima Leasing you can use your approval immediately and get what you need now or use it any time in the next 60 days.


What is Acima Leasing?
Acima is a flexible Lease-To-Own solution that provides you with instant shopping power. Get what you need today and pay over time without needing credit.
Why should you use Acima Leasing?
Acima is an ideal alternative that allows you to get what you need now without requiring a specific credit score.
Who is eligible to use Acima Leasing?
Just meet some basic requirements on the Acima application and get an Instant approval decision.
Does Acima Leasing impact my Credit?
You can expect a soft credit pull right after applying for Acima. It is a soft inquiry that has no impact on your Fico score.
How to proceed at checkout with Acima Leasing?
Once you have all the products added to your cart, proceed to the checkout page and choose Acima Leasing.
Is Acima Leasing safe to use?
Acima Leasing is safe and secure. Acima works with thousands of merchants nationwide and has a 4.6/5 Star rating with Google and a 4.7/5 Star Rating with TrustPilot on thousands of reviews.