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40X15.50R22 Tires

Without tires you cannot drive your vehicle. That much is known. But what is the first thing you need to consider when buying new tires? The simple answer is the tire size. Every tire has a tire size, which consists of numbers and letters – all telling us important information of the tire width, sidewall, and rim diameter. All of these determine what type of characteristics the tires can offer.

40X15.50R22 Tire Size Explanation

  • 40 - This number represents the tire’s overall height in inches. In this case, the tire is 40 inches (1016 mm) tall.
  • 15.50 - The second number is the tire’s width in inches. This means that the tire is 15.50 inches (393.7 mm) wide.
  • R - This indicates that the tire was manufactured with a radial construction, which is the most common tire construction type used today.
  • 22 - This last number denotes the diameter of the wheel in inches. This tire was manufactured to be mounted on 22-inch (558.8 mm) wheels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing 40X15.50R22 Tires:

It is important to match the tires to the vehicle’s needs, but tire size is not the only factor you have to consider.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Check the owner’s manual for the tire size suitable for your vehicle, as 40X15.50R22 tires might not work for it.

Tire Type:

After deciding on the tire size, figure out whether you need snow tires or all season tires (maybe even summer tires) for your specific application.

Tread Pattern:

40X15.50R22 tires feature a specially designed tread patterns. This enables the tire’s performance in versatile weather conditions.


Create a budget! 40X15.50R22 tires can be pricey and creating a budget range will help you decide between different tires more easily.

Brand and Quality:

Research the tires you are interested in before finalizing your purchase. Get the quality tires that work best for your vehicle.

Load and Speed Rating:

Matching load ranges, load indexes, and speed ratings to the vehicle’s needs is crucial to ensure a secure performance.

Tire Maintenance

Proper tire maintenance is crucial to ensure the tire’s lengthened usability. This helps protect the tires from tread and external damage.


40X15.50R22 tires are a popular in the U.S. tire market, as they are suitable for a wide range of vehicles. These tires make sure that they offer the best possible handling, traction, and driving durability in versatile applications. If you wish to purchase these tires, make sure to check out all of the options available and buy the set that suits your driving habits, the road and weather conditions in your area, and, most importantly, your vehicle’s needs. With proper tire maintenance, your 40X15.50R22’s service life will be maximized.

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  1. Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T LT 40X15.50R22 128Q F (12 Ply) MT Mud Terrain Tire
    Venom Power
    Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T LT 40X15.50R22 128Q F (12 Ply) MT Mud Terrain Tire
    All Season
    Mud Terrain
    In Stock (10+)
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    MSRP $768.75 per tire $629.67
    In Stock (10+)
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    SKU NL1507789-99
    Type Light Truck
    Load Range F (12 Ply)
    Speed Rating Q
    Performance Mud Terrain
    Overall Diameter 40
    Season All Season
    Aspect Ratio N/A
    Brand Venom Power
    UTQG N/A
    Run Flat No
    Rebate Available No
    Country of Origin Thailand
    Sidewall BSW: Black Side Wall
    Size 40X15.50R22
    Load Index 128
    Section Width 15.5
    Model Terra Hunter M/T
    Rim Diameter 22
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