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Windforce Tires

The factory and headquarters of Windforce is located in Shandong province. It is one of the leading providers in the area when it comes to truck and car tires. The company specializes in radial tires, which include SUV, passenger car, truck, and bus tires as well. They sell their tires locally and also internationally in many countries. Their advantage is that their team has the expertise required to keep up with the latest trends and make the right improvements in the right time. Of course, the top-of-the-line equipment at their disposal also facilitates the manufacturing process.

  • Popular All Terrain Models:

    Catchfors A/T

  • Popular High Performance Models:


  • Popular Mud Terrain Models:

    Catchfors M/T

  • Popular Touring Models:

    Catchgre GP100, Primetour, Performax

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Frequently Asked Questions about Windforce

Are Windforce tires good?

While Windforce tires are budget-friendly tires, they also manufacture excellent-quality tires. Their tire models offer secure driving safety levels, allowing the tire to improve traction, performance, and handling. Some of their models are capable of promoting better comfort levels as well.

Where are Windforce tires made?

Windforce Tires are manufactured in China's Shandong Province. This brand mostly makes commercial and trailer tires. They manage to handle larger loads. They are perfect for heavy-duty applications.

Who makes Windforce tires?

Windforce tires are made by the Windforce Tyre Co., Ltd. This is a Chinese tire manufacturing brand, that focuses on designing and producing tire models that offer safe performance and reasonable prices.

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