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Victorun Tires

Victorun Tires is under the ownership of the Qingdao Victore Tire Co. Ltd. The whole company was founded in 2007 and has produced plenty of different models since then. It has a strong lineup of passenger, commercial, SUV, and light truck tires in a wide range of sizes. Each of their tires is extremely durable and ready to deal with wet traction. The variety of available tread patterns allows the driver to choose the tire that performs best in the given conditions. The brand manufactures tires that fall into the low-budget category, yet offer decent quality.

  • Popular Touring Models:

    VR908, VR936, VR906, VR910

  • Popular High Performance Models:


  • Popular All Terrain Models:


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Frequently Asked Questions about Victorun

Who makes Victorun tires?

Victorun tires are made by the Qingdao Victore Tire Co. Ltd. The brand was founded in 2007 and they manufacture a large range of different tire sizes for passenger car and light truck applications.

Are Victorun tires good?

Victorun Tires is a budget brand that manufactures models that are of decent quality. They feature optimized tread designs, ideal compound blends, and stronger structures that are able to offer good traction, handling, and performance.

Where are Victorun tires made?

Victorun tires are made in China. It is the flagship brand of Qingdao Victore Tire Co. Ltd. This allows the brand to have access to modern manufacturing facilities, as well as good-quality raw materials. This combination makes sure Victorun tires offer durable and safer performance.

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