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Turnpike Tires

Turnpike is a manufacturer of commercial and trailer tires. The brand is under the ownership of Parrish Tire in the USA. They design and produce models with a wide range of different tread patterns. Their aim is to distribute a strong lineup of tires to as many countries as possible. The brand offers tires that feature an all season compound and a detailed tread pattern for reliable wet traction and driving stability. Customers can count on the driving safety ensured by their tires. The company produces tires for the steer, drive, and trailer axle as well with outstanding heavy-duty performing ability.

  • Popular Commercial Models:

    S500, GA257 FTG, GD267, S600+, D660, D990

  • Popular Trailer Models:

    ST650HD, ST2500HD

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Frequently Asked Questions about Turnpike

Who makes Turnpike tires?

Turnpike Tires is owned by Parrish Tire. This brand designs and produces tires for commercial applications and trailers. They also make tires with optimized tread patterns that offer better traction.

Where are Turnpike tires made?

Turnpike Tires are manufactured in the United States. This tire brand features great all season compounds and different tread patterns that improve driving safety levels, handling, traction, and performance.

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