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Trelleborg Tires

Trelleborg Wheel Systems is a manufacturer of high quality wheels and tires for agricultural and industrial applications. They have a strong lineup of models available for material handling, forestry machines, construction vehicles, and even for motorcycles. They focus solely on designing specialty tires, utilizing large manufacturing facilities in Brazil, Italy, Latvia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Czech Republic, and the U.S. As part of a global group, the company is one of the largest Original Equipment Manufacturers.

  • Popular Tractor Models:

    T404, AW305, T501, TM700

  • Popular Industrial Models:

    T-900, T991, Premia, Elite XP

  • Popular Trailer Models:


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Frequently Asked Questions about Trelleborg

Who makes Trelleborg tires?

Trelleborg Tires are manufactured by Yokohama TWS. This brand produces tires for agricultural and construction applications. They are focused on creating tires with excellent durability and damage resistance, making Trelleborg Tires perfect for on- and off-road applications.

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