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Telstar Tires

Telstar is a tire manufacturing company that was established in 1970. Now, with so many decades of experience and up-to-date equipment, they can produce tires that meet the latest standards. Their value-to-price ratio is what got the attention of many of their partners. The brand has a strong lineup of passenger, SUV, and light truck models for on- and off-road applications as well. Whether it’s a challenging mud terrain track or snow-covered asphalt, they have the right tire for the scene. So far, they are able to produce 4 million tires per year.

  • Popular Touring Models:

    Weatherizer, Turbostar G/T, Duration Classic, Tour Plus LST

  • Popular Mud Terrain Models:

    Mud Claw Extreme M/T, Mud Claw M/T

  • Popular All Terrain Models:

    Trailcutter Radial A/T, Tempra Radial SUV, Turbostar A/T

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