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Omni Tires

Omni is a tire manufacturing company that was founded in Singapore in 2003. It got the name Omni United and started its rapid growth, utilizing its dynamic team. The company is not only proficient at tire making but also boasts outstanding logistics solutions. The brand distributes its tires to more than 50 countries worldwide. It also has its own portfolio brands that include Patriot Tires, Radar Tires, Tecnica, and American Tourer.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Omni

Where are Omni tires made?

Omni tires are made in Singapore. This tire brand is founded in 2003 and it designs, manufactures, and sells tires in more than 50 countries. Omni Tires are known for their affordable prices and good quality products.

Are Omni tires good?

Omni Tires are well known for their excellent trailer tires. These tires are perfect for heavy-duty performance, they also offer great traction and load capacity. As a result, this tire brand produces high-quality tires, which makes them perfect for customers.

Who makes Omni brand?

Omni Tires are made by Omni United Pte. Ltd. This company manufactures tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and commercial applications. They also produce tires for Radar, Timberland, American Tourer, Roadlux, Corsa, Agora, and other tire brands.

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