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Gislaved Tires

Gislaved is a tire manufacturer based in Sweden. It was founded in 1893 by two brothers, Carl and Wilhelm Gislow. Gislaved has a wide variety of high-quality tire models. Their tires are competitively priced and safety-focused while also paying attention to the balance between appearance and performance.

  • Popular Winter Models:

    Nord Frost 200

  • Popular Summer Models:

    Speed 606 SUV, Ultra Speed

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gislaved

Where are Gislaved tires made?

Gislaved tires are mainly manufactured in four European countries. These Continental-owned factories are located in France, Slovakia, Romania, and Portugal. Therefore, Gislaved tires are produced in these countries to be sold on the tire market.

Who makes Gislaved tires?

Gislaved Tires is one of the many sub-brands owned by Continental AG. Therefore, the brand can access Continental's technologies and materials that ensure its exceptional performance and durability.

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