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Duraturn Tires

Duraturn is a tire brand that provides passenger, SUV, truck and commercial truck tires to the market. Their products are budget friendly, but at the same time they do not sacrifice safety and performance. The tires promote a comfortable high speed driving experience, while guaranteeing driving safety all year.

  • Popular High Performance Models:

    Mozzo STX, Mozzo Sport

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Frequently Asked Questions about Duraturn

Where is Duraturn tires made?

Duraturn tires are made in China. These tires are manufactured by Yangchang Rubber's Shaaniz Yanchang Petroleum Rubber Co. They produce a lot of all season, winter, and summer tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks, and special trailers.

How good are Duraturn tires?

Duraturn tires are manufactured with excellent performance and smooth treads, for a quiet and comfortable driving experience. At the same time, the special tread pattern and the wear-resistant compound lengthen the tire's service life. The continuous contact with the driving surface makes Duraturn tires perfectly safe throughout their performance.

Who made Duraturn tires?

Duraturn tires are made by YC Rubber Company. They produce a large number of affordable tires for North American import. This company manufactures cheap tires with high comfort levels, offering good quality tires on the replacement tire market.

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