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Avon Tires

Avon is a tire brand that has been around since 1904, continuously gaining expertise in tire making. It is owned by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company and they engineer tires that make driving a pleasure. They have made tires for cars, motorbikes, vans, and trailers as well. The company didn’t stop at distributing tires for everyday street use. They thrived for more and started to design tires that can be used on the racetracks. Today, they rely on the very latest design and manufacturing technology when it comes to tire production.

  • Popular Passenger Models:

    Tech M500

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Frequently Asked Questions about Avon

Who makes Avon tires?

Avon tires are owned by the Cooper Tire and Rubber Company. Avon tires were founded in 1904. Their headquarters is currently in Findley, Ohio, the United States.

Are Avon tires good?

Avon Tires focuses on customer satisfaction. They do not just focus on quality, but they also offer affordable prices. Avon Tires manufactures tires for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and commercial truck applications.

Where are Avon tires made?

Avon tires are made in Serbia, in Cooper's factories located in the country. They manufacture Avon car and truck tires there, which helps keep costs low. Avon Tires are designed to provide great traction, handling, and performance.

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