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Akuret Tires

Akuret Tires is a private label brand and the sub-brand of Del-Nat company, which was founded in 1989. These tires promote excellent performance, a safer drive and superb reliability. The label manufactures tires for commercial, farm and industrial vehicles and also for trailers which guarantee remarkable durability.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Akuret

Who makes Akuret tires?

Akuret tires are made by the Del-Nat company, as the brand is their sub-brand. All Akuret tires are manufactured under the watchful eyes of this company, which results in the quality each and every tire model offers.

Are Akuret tires good?

Akuret Tires is a budget tire brand. This means that the tires are of lesser quality compared to premium tires. As such, Akuret tires will not perform as well, but they still offer decent traction, handling, and performance.

Where are Akuret tires made?

Akuret Tires are made in China, where the brand has access to cheaper raw materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. This combination allows the brand to manufacture decent-quality tires with lower production costs, which helps decrease the sale price of Akuret tires.

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