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How to Find Cheap Tires or Buy Big Brand Tires for Less?

Posted by Agota Szabo on Apr 27th 2023

How to Find Cheap Tires or Buy Big Brand Tires for Less?

How to Find Cheap Tires or Buy Big Brand Tires for Less?

Posted by Agota Szabo at Priority Tire on Apr 27th 2023

New tires stacked on a rack

Every vehicle owner has to face the challenge of changing their tires sooner or later. Unfortunately, this experience tends to leave our wallets flat as a new tire set can easily cost up to $1000. Yet, the best tires to buy aren't always the premium brands.

Sometimes, real gems are discovered - they are known as cheap tires.

While it is true that cheap car tires do not have the best reputation on the market, tire technology has advanced greatly in the last decade or so. Inexpensive tires are not as bad as they used to be, and at times they can prove to be the better choice.

Just look at how much is a set of tires new! Still, the best value tires will not sacrifice their performance for a lower sale price. Continue reading and find out how you can get the best price tires for cheap.

Check Your Vehicle Tire Specs First

Even the cheapest place to buy tires can become expensive if you need to return your order. For this reason, it is important you know what you need.

Apart from the price of tires, there are multiple small details that need to be considered when buying tires online. Vehicle type, tire size, speed and load ratings, tire performance, etc. are all crucial information. The best tires on the market are the ones that work well with your vehicle without breaking the bank.

How to choose tires for your vehicle?

Let's start with the tire size. Whether you own a P-metric vehicle or a light truck will determine what tires to buy. The easiest way to check the size is to take a look at the sidewall, where you will see three sets of numbers that usually start with a letter. They represent the vehicle type, tire width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter, but you can find out more in our understanding tire size post.

Examples of a P-metric and LT tire sizes

The weather conditions your new tires need to conquer also play a role. Extreme weather conditions, whether in summer or in winter, will determine what type of tires you will need. Prices on tires will change depending on what seasonal type you need.

Lastly, you need to know what type of performance you need. Not all tires are created equal, and odds are that cheap good tires from the touring category will not work for a high performance car. When looking at tire price comparisons, what performance type you need will make a huge difference.

Check Tire Reviews Online to Identify Pros and Cons

In order to find the best tires for the money, doing some research is inevitable. Not all budget tires will offer the traction and durability you need. In this case, listening to what other people are saying is a good thing.

Checking reviews about cheap tires is an easy way to find out their characteristics. Search for the tire brand and model and add the word "review" after it. Sites like Consumer Reports are sure to pop up. After that, you just need to read, read, and read.

It is safe to say what a quality tire set, even if it is cheap, will have good reviews online. However, if you notice the opposite, skip the tire. If you see repeating patterns, whether they are good or bad, odds are most drivers are experiencing similar pros and cons with the specific cheap tire you are looking at.

Taking the information you found online, you can determine if those new tires for cheap are for you or not.

Compare Tires and Consider Your Own Budget

If you cannot decide between different tire brands or you don't know if the low cost tires are worth it, comparing the tires is the next best step.

How long do cheap tires last? With off-brand tires, you will need to compromise. They are not the best tread life tires, and they can be a bit loud during their performance when comparing them to premium tires. But, comparing tire prices and other tire characteristics will give you insight.

When it comes to tires, comparing features on websites is a great way to get the best tire discount. On Priority Tire, you can find the right tires by comparing two or more models. Simply follow these steps to compare tire brands you are interested in:

  1. Select the affordable tires online, by clicking on the box next to "Compare".
  2. A new orange button will appear near the Live chat one, clicking on it will take you to the compare page.
  3. The website will highlight the most important tire specifications and you will be able to compare tire prices, sizes, and what they offer easily.

How the compare tires feature works on Priority Tire

What if the Cheap Tire has No Reviews Online?

When looking for the best prices on tires, often you will come across dirt cheap tires that seemingly no one knows about. So, how to know if these are good cheap tires?

Of course, it is perfectly reasonable to be skeptical about such tire models. Trying out tires that just popped up on the market carries its risks. Still, there are a few ways to determine the quality of all super cheap tires.

The best way is to dig up some information about the company and other tires they have manufactured. Usually, there is a pattern when it comes to quality tires for less. If other models produced by the brand perform well on the market, odds are their new models will be good as well.

Yet, keep in mind that there is no guarantee. The probability that tires that have absolutely no information, reviews, or comments online will be the best value tire models is low. In these cases, the next best affordable tires that have information about that will be the better choice.

How to Buy Cheap Tires Online at Priority Tire?

Searching for the best car tire prices is not an easy task. Sometimes, drivers are faced with hours of research just to save money on tires. What if we told you there is an easier way? Find the simple answer to "How to save money on tires?" on Priority Tire!

Priority Tire is the best place to buy tires for multiple reasons. Not only can you find really cheap tires, but we also offer discounts on second and top-tier brands. Check out our Current Deals page for active tire discounts.

Find the best tire deals at Priority Tire

Apart from the best deal on car tires, at Priority Tire you also have a wide tire selection available. The difference between cheap and expensive tires does not always justify spending $100s more on a tire set. Decent tires can be found at lower price ranges as well.

Cheap Tires Are Not Always Bad

Good quality tires for cheap can be found easily. The fact that a tire is cheap doesn't automatically mean it is bad. Even the cheapest online tires can adequate performance, traction, and handling. The trick is to find the best tire for the money when buying cheap tires online.

Priority Tire, the cheapest place to get new tires, helps you with it. You can read various reviews about most of the tires offered on our website. See the experience of other drivers and their thoughts about our cheaper tires. This can help you choose the most durable tires at the lowest prices possible.

Additionally, you can check our tips on buying tires guide to see when is the best time to buy tires. Specific seasonal tires often come with discounts before their season starts. Such tire deals will help you get the best cheapest new tires available on the market.

The Best Cheap Tires at Priority Tire

There are certain budget tire brands worth considering, even is they are not popular. Not every tire brand is equal, and that is also true among cheap tires. You can find good tires for cheap if you know which underrated tire brands to look for.

So, which are the best tires for your money?

These are the best cheap tire brands you can find at Priority Tire:

Cheap Brand Name Most Popular Category Quality Available Models
Transeagle Trailer ★★★★★ Check available Models
Fullway High Performance ★★★☆☆ Check available Models
Forceum All Season ★★★★☆ Check available Models
Haida Light Trucks ★★★☆☆ Check available Models
Venom Power Off-road ★★★★☆ Check available Models
Accelera High Performance ★★★★☆ Check available Models

Keep an Eye Out for Tire Rebates

Tire rebates are another way to get the lowest price on tires. While it is true that you have to pay the full price of the brand, even if you are buying the best inexpensive tires, you will receive a portion of the price back.

Rebates are usually offered by tire brands. These offers provide buyers with cashback for select tires, often in the form of a prepaid Visa card. They are a great opportunity to reduce how much you spend on tires.

Check Priority Tire's Tire Rebates page to see which tire brands offer rebates at the moment. Order tires online and get reduced prices at the best store to buy tires, along with free shipping.

Buy Good Tire Brands with Financing

Purchasing low cost tires online has become easier as tire retailers started offering financing options. Thanks to this, your favorite store has become the cheapest place to get tires.

Financing allows you to break up your payment into smaller installments. Therefore, instead of paying the full price immediately at purchase, you will have monthly payments for 3-12 months - depending on the financing option chosen. Furthermore, some payment methods are interest-free.

Tire financing options on Priority Tire

To use one of these payment options, you will need to select it during checkout and follow the instructions of the system. Get high-quality long-lasting tires with financing at the cheapest place for tires. To see which financing and lease-to-own options Priority Tire offers, check out our Financing page.

How Much do Tires Cost on Average?

Yes, tires are expensive. It is often an expense that hits us out of the blue. One bad tire on a four-wheel-drive vehicle is enough to clean out our wallet for the month. But, exactly how much are new tires? Are cheap tires worth it?

On average, you will need to spend around $150 for one tire. Of course, this price depends on the size, brand, model, speed and load ratings, and tire performance. In other words, high performance tires will cost more than touring tires.

So, how much are 4 new tires?

If we take the average cost, you will need to spend at least $600 per tire set. If your vehicle needs bigger tires, this range can greatly increase. However, with low price tires, you can dramatically decrease this price. The best online tires will offer lower prices without sacrificing driving safety.

Good tires vs bad tires cannot be separated based on their price. The best cheap tires to buy guarantee your vehicle's secure performance. Still, real cheap tires not to buy also exist and it is crucial to recognize what is worth it for us.

But, why are tires so expensive? At Priority Tire we are ready to give you an actual answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should Four New Tires Cost?

The average tire price of P-metric tires is between $100 and $300 per tire. If you are looking for cheap tires, you will need to spend around $50 per tire, meaning that the cost of a new tire set, plus the full-sized spare tire if you need it, will be around $200-$300. However, the average cost of tires depends on the model and size you need.

How Long Do Tires Last?

Typically, tires will last for about 3-5 years if they are regularly used, as long as they are regularly maintained. Some tread wear issues and other problems can shorten the tire's service life, which can lead to you having to change your tires sooner.

How Do I Buy Tires Online?

You can find cheap new tires online easily and have your new tires shipped to your address. On most websites, you will need to select the tires you want, add them to the shopping cart, fill out your shipping and billing information, and pay for the tires. After that, they will be delivered to your address within a couple of days.

Is It Cheaper to Buy Tires Online?

Tipically, the cheapest tires will be found online, which is a main appeal of online tire retailers. By eliminating the overhead cost that brick-and-mortar stores have, online tire sellers are able to offer their products at reduced prices.

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