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325/50R15 Tires

Finding and buying the right tires for your vehicle involves a little bit of planning. This is because you need to find what works for you in just one tire size range. Yet, that does not mean that your options are limited. In each tire size, drivers can easily get the perfect fit for their cars, SUVs, light trucks, or specialty vehicles.

325/50R15 Tire Size Explanation

  • 325 - This number represents the tire’s width in millimeters, measured from one shoulder to the other. In this case, the tire’s width is 325 mm (12.8 inches).
  • 50 - The aspect ratio is expressed as a percentage of the tire’s height to its width. A 50-aspect ratio means that the tire’s height is 50% of its width (in this case it is 162.5 mm / 6.4 inches).
  • R - This indicates that the tire was manufactured with a radial construction, which is the most common tire construction type used today.
  • 15 - This last number denotes the diameter of the wheel in inches. This tire was manufactured to be mounted on 15-inch (381 mm) wheels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing 325/50R15 Tires:

It is important to match the tires to the vehicle’s needs, but tire size is not the only factor you have to consider.

Vehicle Compatibility:

Match the tire size to your vehicle. Check whether 325/50R15 tires will work with it and purchase tires of the right tire size.

Tire Type:

After deciding on the tire size, figure out whether you need snow tires or all season tires (maybe even summer tires) for your specific application.

Tread Pattern:

The optimized tread pattern of 325/50R15 tires helps improve the vehicle’s performance and driving safety.


Create a reasonable budget and stick with it. This will narrow down your options, while also preventing you from overspending.

Brand and Quality:

Research the tires you are interested in before finalizing your purchase. Get the quality tires that work best for your vehicle.

Load and Speed Rating:

Find suitable tire load and speed ratings for your vehicle. If they do not match your vehicle, they will not work for you.

Tire Maintenance

Consistent tire maintenance helps lengthen the usability and durability of each 325/50R15 tire. Make sure to check your tires regularly.


Choosing the correct tire width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter is important. That’s why if you need 325/50R15 tires for your vehicle, make sure the tires you get match your driving habit, other vehicle needs, and driving conditions. Choosing the right tire set is crucial in ensuring your overall driving safety levels. 325/50R15 tires enable the vehicle’s secure controllability, traction, and performance.

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  1. Mickey Thompson ET Street R 325/50R15 High Performance Tire
    Mickey Thompson
    Mickey Thompson ET Street R 325/50R15 High Performance Tire
    High Performance
    Low Stock (8)
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    MSRP $559.75 per tire $454.99
    Low Stock (8)
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    SKU N1054562-99
    Type Racing
    Load Range SL
    Speed Rating W
    Performance High Performance
    MPN 90000024644
    Overall Diameter 27.8
    Season Summer
    Aspect Ratio 50
    Brand Mickey Thompson
    UTQG N/A
    Run Flat No
    Rebate Available No
    Sidewall BSW: Black Side Wall
    Size 325/50R15
    Load Index N/A
    Section Width 325
    Model ET Street R
    Rim Diameter 15
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