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Unicorn Tires

Unicorn Tire is an American tire company that imports and offers wholesale for a variety of tires. The company uses its ties to Chinese tire manufacturers to provide excellently priced tires to the American market. They deal with passenger, high performance, SUV, light truck and special trailer tires, making sure everyone will find something they need.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Unicorn

Who makes Unicorn tires?

Unicorn tires are made by the Unicorn Tire Corporation. This company was established in 2006. They focus on supplying customers around the world with budget-friendly, good-quality tire models.

Are Unicorn tires good?

Unicorn Tires are known as good-quality tires with a budget-friendly price. They ensure exceptional performance and handling, thanks to their tread pattern designs and strengthened internal structures.

Where are Unicorn tires made?

Unicorn Tires are made in China. This company uses the latest technologies to manufacture tires for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and specialty trailer applications. As a result, Unicorn tires are offered at lower prices.

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