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Mitas Tires

Mitas was founded as a tire brand back in the 1930’s. They started manufacturing tires in the Czech Republic and did so with great success for many decades. Then, in 2016, they joined the Trelleborg group. This helped them expand to Serbia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, and America. They specialize in the making of agricultural and industrial tires with plenty of experience behind their back. This is why they design tires for large, high-performance agricultural machines. They seamlessly transitioned from the European tire market to America where they can provide exceptionally large and strong tires.

  • Popular Tractor Models:

    TD-02, MPT-01. TR-01. IM-04, TD-13, AC 70 T

  • Popular Industrial Models:

    SK-02, IM-04, Big Boy, SK-05, FL-08, TR-10

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