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Cachland Tires

Being a subsidiary brand of the Shandong Yungfent Tyre Co. Ltd., Cachland Tires promotes product lines available for a wide range of applications. They offer popular models for SUVs, passenger cars, commercial vehicles, light trucks, and trailers as well. This is how they cover a range of niches as fierce competitors in each. They thrive to be unbeatable when it comes to affordability versus quality, performance, and driving safety.

  • Popular Commercial Models:

    CH-8323, CH-312, CH-111

  • Popular Trailer Models:

    1B1CTL, CH-ST109

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Frequently Asked Questions about Cachland

Where are Cachland tires made?

Cachland tires are made in China. They are recognized for their low prices and enhanced driving safety levels for any application. These tires are exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

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