Westlake Radial SL369 A/T Tire Review

Oct 11th 2021

Westlake Radial SL369 A/T Tire Review

Westlake isn’t a well-known tire brand, but that did not stop it from manufacturing good quality tires. Their models are offered for sale on the replacement tire market at affordable prices.

Take a peek at Priority Tire’s blog post to see why and if the Westlake Radial SL369 A/T is a good choice for your vehicle. See what the model has to offer and why it is so well-loved by our customers.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: All Terrain
  • Car Type: Truck/SUV and Light Truck
  • Run Flat: No
  • In Stock: Yes

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Experience the Westlake SL369 A/T

If you are looking for a new tire set which will give you excellent all weather and all terrain traction, the Westlake SL369 A/T is a great choice.

This tire model utilizes its optimized tread design in order to ensure a secure performance on versatile terrain surfaces. The staggered block placement, detailed siping pattern, and high void ratio work together to enhance the soft, loose, and uneven terrain grip, while also improving the on-road traction. These tread elements enable the tire to ensure the forward motion on soft sand and loose dirt terrain surface conditions. As a result, the tire guarantees a safer drive since it maintains the traction at all times.

The Westlake Radial SL369 A/T also utilizes its tread design to boost its self-cleaning capability. The ideal block and void ratio help to eliminate mud, snow, and rocks stuck between the tread elements. This prevents snow and mud from blocking the surface contact while the tires are in motion, while the tread elements also effectively avoid stone retention. This not only optimizes the tire’s surface traction, but it also significantly enhances the damage resistance.

All weather traction is guaranteed with the Westlake Radial SL369 A/T. The tread design’s angled siping pattern ensures the tire’s surface grip in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions. The tread elements upgrade the grip on the road and terrain surface in versatile weather situations, while the compound elements keep the rubber flexibility in different temperatures. During the tire’s on-road performance, the tread’s void ratio resists hydroplaning. The groove pattern channels water and slush from below the footprint, further boosting the wet weather traction.

Priority Tire Customer Reviews

The tread elements and the optimal driving surface contact of the Westlake Radial SL369 A/T increases its controllability. The tread block pattern helps to improve the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The footprint’s detailed siping pattern and the better rigidity of the tread blocks work together to greatly decrease the braking distance. They allow the tire to generate friction at the moment of braking, significantly shortening the overall braking distance.

High driving comfort levels are promoted during the Westlake Radial SL369 A/T’s on-road performance. The tread design’s siping pattern forms a variable pitch pattern which helps to lower the road noise levels. The tread generates a sound-cancelling frequency during the drive. As a result, the sound waves are negated before they can reach the vehicle’s cabin and ruin the passengers’ driving enjoyment. This prevents road disturbances from being heard by the passengers, guaranteeing a quiet driving experience.

The strengthened internal structure allows the tire to boost its load capacity. The Westlake Radial SL369 A/T features a steel belt construction, which does not deform under the load and driving pressure. As the tire keeps its optimal shape, it is able to securely carry and withstand heavy loads with ease, improving the load capacity. This ensures the tire’s heavy-duty application.

Additionally, the tire comes with a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty. The rigidity of the Westlake Radial SL369 A/T’s footprint effectively prevents tread flexing. As extra pressure build-up is avoided, allowing the tire to evenly circulate the driving pressure across the tread area. The stronger compound allows the tire to improve the treadwear rate, by using the wear-resistant compound elements. The slower and even wear boosts the tire’s overall service life.


  • Versatile terrain and on-road traction
  • Upgraded handling and load durability
  • Higher on-road comfort levels
  • Guaranteed all weather traction


  • Not the best mud terrain traction

Product information

The Westlake Radial SL369 A/T is an all terrain, all season tire which was designed and manufactured to be mounted on SUVs and light trucks. It is available in versatile tire sizes, with Q, R, S, and T speed ratings. The SUV sizes come with a 500AA UTQG rating.

Westlake offers a 40,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model. This is achieved thanks to the tread rigidity which prevents tread flexing. The compound also helps to improve the usability by preventing premature wear formations with the wear-resistant rubber materials.

The aggressive block placement and siping detail ensures the tire’s superb all terrain and year round performance. This guarantees the tire’s dry, wet, and winter weather grip on versatile terrains, while optimizing the on- and off-road terrain traction.

Westlake is a budget tire brand, but they still put major emphasis on the quality of their products. The Westlake Radial SL369 A/T is no different. It was manufactured with care and was subjected to rigorous testing before it was released on the replacement tire market.

Is the Westlake Radial SL369 A/T the right tire for you?

The Westlake Radial SL369 A/T is perfect for drivers of SUVs and light trucks, who occasionally need to drive on versatile off-road terrain surfaces. The tire is perfect for different terrain performance, while also promoting a comfortable on-road drive. This makes it a perfect all-rounder, optimizing its application on SUVs and light trucks.

Check out the tire sizes Priority Tire has to offer. Find the perfect set of Westlake Radial SL369 A/T tires for your vehicle. Enjoy the safety, durability, and performing ability that this tire model has to offer.

Westlake Radial SL369 A/T

  • All-weather traction
  • All terrain traction
  • Reduced road noise levels
  • Improved cornering ability


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