Westlake Radial RP18 Tire Review

Nov 20th 2021

Westlake Radial RP18 Tire Review

Searching for good quality, affordable tires can be a tedious process. The replacement tire market is oversaturated with different tire brands and models – some of which are not the best to say the least. This can easily create confusion and cause more problems than necessary.

Therefore, when we need new tires, we tend to either neglect the process or to just purchase the cheapest set available at that exact moment. Both of these situations are not the greatest option– driving on worn-out tires is dangerous, while cheap tires are usually not good quality.

So, what’s the best option?

The important thing is to find good tires at budget-friendly prices. This is where the Westlake Radial RP18 comes into play. This model ensures excellent all season traction at exceptional prices.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Touring
  • Car Type: Passenger cars
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

Westlake Radial RP18 sizes

Are Westlake RP18 Radial tires good?

The Westlake Radial RP18 tires offer good all weather performance. They combine the year round traction, the better controllability, and the higher driving comfort levels to ensure an exceptional driving experience. Additionally, the tires also offer budget-friendly prices with each size of this model.

Experience the Westlake RP18 Radial

The Westlake Radial RP18 is a touring, all season tire. This manages to upgrade the all season traction and its controllability, while also boosting the comfort levels and the length of the service life.

All weather traction is ensured with the Westlake Radial RP18. It combines the all season compound and the detailed symmetric tread design in order to upgrade the tire’s surface grip. It allows the tire to boost the dry, wet, and winter weather performance. The high-density siping pattern and the notch placement enhance the tire’s road grip with additional biting edges. The stronger compound elements allow the tire to improve the rubber flexibility throughout the year, optimizing the summer and winter weather traction.

The tire is also able to avoid one of the most dangerous road hazards – hydroplaning. Its ideal tread design features four circumferential grooves, which channel water and slush from below the footprint, preventing water from blocking the surface contact. As a result, the tire effectively avoids hydroplaning, further upgrading the wet weather driving safety levels.

The ribbed tread design’s surface contact and the lower tire profile work together to improve the controllability. The Westlake Radial RP18’s tread with the vertical sipe placement ensures the surface contact at all times, which significantly upgrades the driving stability. On the other hand, the optimized tire profile allows the tire to greatly enhance the steering response time and accuracy to the driver’s instructions. Additionally, the detailed shoulder pattern allows the tire to boost the maneuvering capability. This enables the tire to greatly upgrade the cornering ability with the use of extra biting edges.

The Westlake Radial RP18 also guaranteed a longer usability. Westlake offers a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model. This lengthened tread life is ensured with the non-directional tread design and the stronger rubber materials of the compound. They promote a slow and even wear, which allows the tire’s better service life. This is achieved as the ribbed pattern evenly circulated the driving pressure across the tread area, while the compound actively avoids pressure build-up on certain tread areas.

High driving comfort levels are optimized with the tread design. The tread features a variable pitch pattern which helps to lower the road noise generated while the tires are in motion. The tread manages to negate the sound waves created while the tires are in motion, promoting a quiet driving experience whenever the Westlake Radial RP18s are used on a vehicle. 


  • 45,000 mile treadwear warranty
  • Optimized handling and maneuvering
  • Higher driving comfort levels


  • The winter traction could be better


When it comes to the Westlake tires, you can be sure to find each model in numerous sizes. That is why this brand is so well-known, since they offer tires for most vehicles.

The Westlake Radial RP18 is no different. You can easily find this model in versatile sizes, as it is manufactured in 13-16 inch rim diameter sizes. On top of that, these tires are available with T, H, and V speed ratings, while their load index ranges between 79 and 82. All sizes have a 500AA UTQG rating.

This model features a 9-10/32” starting tread depth, depending on the specific size you are interested in. However, Westlake offers a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty with all sizes, regardless of the depth of the starting tread.

Furthermore, the symmetric ribbed tread design with the variable pitch pattern and detailed siping pattern boost the tire’s traction, handling, comfort levels. They ensure the optimal, versatile weather performance, while maintaining the needed controllability and boosting the overall comfort levels.


The Westlake Radial RP18 is perfect for everyday driving. It provides solid handling, even at higher speeds (with the H and V speed rated models).

This model is good for an annual commute in moderate weather conditions. The tire offers good year round traction, but it is not suited for severe winter temperatures or ice and snow traction. Yet, the tire is able to conquer everything from summer to light winter situations. This also helps to optimize the tire’s controllability and maneuvering in versatile temperatures.

The tread wear warranty offered is solid. 45,000 miles is an average warranty that is given for touring, all season tires. Therefore, the Westlake Radial RP18 provides a regular treadwear and service life. 

Westlake Radial RP18

  • All weather traction
  • Longer lasting tread life
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Boosted cornering & maneuvering

Check available sizes for Westlake Radial RP18.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Westlake RP18 Radial tires All Season?

Yes, the Westlake Radial RP18 tires are all season. This model offers excellent dry, wet, and light snow traction by utilizing the optimized tread design and durable compound. Furthermore, the circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning, greatly enhancing the wet weather driving safety levels.

Are Westlake RP18 Radial tires good for Winter?

It greatly depends on the severity of the winter weather conditions you will drive your Westlake Radial RP18 tires in. It can handle lighter winter situations, which is ensured with the tread design and the compound. However, it will not be able to handle harsh winter conditions as well as winter tires do.

Who are Westlake RP18 Radial tires made by?

The Westlake Radial RP18 tires are made by the Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company. Westlake is the flagship brand of the company. These tires are manufactured in state-of-the-art factories from good quality materials. Westlake tires are sold at budget-friendly prices.

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