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Venom Power Tires - Your Go-to Manufacturer for Off Road Tires

Looking for new off-road tires, but hate the prices? You are not alone. Large truck (mud) tires, along with other terrain models, are expensive, especially when we are looking at premium brands. What can be the solution to this?

Expensive doesn't always equal better. At times, giving budget-friendly tire brands a chance is the solution. Therefore, let us introduce you to Venom off-road tires!

Venom Power is a relatively unknown tire manufacturer, which was established in 2001. They have managed to secure a steady place in the US tire market for themselves with their exceptional off-road models.

But, are Venom Power tires good?

Yes, they are. Venom tire models are designed and manufactured with the utmost care and dedication, using great-quality raw materials and modern technologies. Yet, all Venom Power tire sizes, and models are kept at a reasonable price.

Venom Power Tires mounted on a light truck

This is made possible thanks to their marketing strategy. Advertising costs money, which also drives up the prices of tires. By eliminating this step, Venom Power is able to provide its products to consumers at the best possible prices.

Still, Venom tire reviews speak for themselves. These off-road tires, including the brand's Terra Hunter, Trail Hunter, and Swampthing lineups, guarantee the performance, traction, and durability truck tires must offer on various terrains.

Today, we will not talk about the Venom Power Primo Hauler or the Ragnarok Zero. Instead, we will focus on their off-road models. From Venom mud tires to stronger extreme terrain tires, drivers are sure to find the perfect fit for their vehicles.

Are Venom Power Offroad Tires Really that Good?

Off-road Venom performance is unquestionable. No matter which tire model you take, it is sure to provide the best of its abilities. Of course, not all Venom Power tires are able to perform in the same manner, as they are specialized for various terrains.

Providing both on-road and terrain traction, Venom AT tires offer versatile applications. Both the Trail Hunter ATX and the Trail Hunter ATS are capable of achieving excellent driving safety on- and off-road, without ruining the passengers' driving enjoyment.

Venom MT tire models, like the Tera Hunter MT and the Swampthing M/T Extreme Dirt, are designed to conquer soft and loose terrains without issues. They provide the traction necessary on such terrains while keeping the footprint clean and ensuring controllability. Still, Venom Power mud tires do not offer good comfort levels.

A hybrid category between MT and AT tires is the Venom Power RT. Rugged terrain, also known as rock tires, is the best of both worlds. Extreme off-road traction and high on-road comfort are guaranteed with such tires. You can find the Terra Hunter R/T and the Terra Hunter R/T+ models in this category.

The last but (maybe) most well-known model is the Venom Power Terra Hunter XT, an extreme terrain tire. The Venom Power XT model is designed for harsh terrain applications. They guarantee that your light trucks will safely handle different terrains without fail. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Terra Hunter X/T for Extreme Off Road Conditions

The Venom Power Terra Hunter XT is a durable, extreme terrain tire. This is a great example of an extreme terrain tire, as it is capable of handling harsh off-road terrains with ease.

Thanks to the combination of this Terra Hunter X T's performance, quality, and price, Venom Power quickly became popular. The quality raw materials and modern manufacturing methods allow the brand to offer stronger Venom XT tires at reduced prices.

Soft, uneven, rocky, and loose terrains won't cause any issues for this tire. Its angled and staggered blocks, along with the optimal void ratio, provide the traction necessary, while also keeping the footprint clean. Handling and performance are also guaranteed in this manner.

So, Does the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Come with a Warranty?

But the best is yet to be mentioned! 

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T comes with a 50,000 mile mileage warranty. This is not common with aggressive, off-road tires. Yet, Venom Power stands behind its product. The treadwear warranty is applicable for 22-inch or lower sizes of the Terra Hunter XT model. Furthermore, the Venom Power tires manufacturer provides a 4-year manufacturing warranty and a 1-year road hazard warranty with these tires. Conditions apply.

For more information about this Terra Hunter, check our Venom Power tires review!

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

  • Mileage and Road Hazard warranty
  • Extreme terrain traction
  • Lengthened service life
  • Optimized controllability


Terra Hunter R/T Rock Crawling Tires

Rugged terrain tires offer off-road traction and on-road comfort. But, don't let that fool you. This Venom Power Terra Hunter will leave other off-road tires in the dust.

When it comes to this Terra Hunter, Venom Power focuses on guaranteeing exceptional versatile terrain performance. Harsh and rocky terrains will not cause this model any issues. The footprint's self-cleaning nature offers better damage resistance, while additionally boosting its off-road performing capability.

RT tires are known for the comfort they offer. Venom's tires are able to offer driving comfort throughout their on-road performance. The ideal block placement lowers road noise levels and the close road contact minimizes vibrations.

Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T with Warranty Included

Yes, the brand offers a 50,000 miles treadwear warranty even with the Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T. When it comes to these Venom Power tires, sizes 22-inch and lower are eligible for this warranty as long as the tires are rotated frequently and these services are well documented. This makes Venom RT tires unique in a sense, as not many other tire manufacturers provide such warranties with their off-road tires.

Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T

  • 50,000 miles treadwear warranty
  • Rugged terrain traction
  • Enhanced all season grip
  • Upgraded driving durability


Terra Hunter M/T Aggressive Mud Tires

When it comes to the MT Venom Power model durability is guaranteed. This tire does not just offer exceptional off-road traction, it also comes with a 1-year road hazard warranty - but more on that later.

The Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T uses its aggressive footprint to optimize its performance on different terrain surfaces. This is done while also keeping a clean footprint. Better contact with the driving surface and stronger manufacturing materials ensure this MT tire's strength.

Damage is avoided as well. Stone retention cannot harm the casing. The damage-resistant compound combats the tread's tearing, chipping, or cracking during its off-road applications. This is a common issue off-road tires face, which often shortens their service life. Yet, the Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T is able to avoid it.

It's tough, wear-resistant compound blend and stable footprint further improve the tire's usability. They avoid premature and irregular wear by working together. The reinforced internal structure and the staggered block pattern also greatly enahnce controllability and durability throughout the MT tire's performance.

The Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T also Comes with a Warranty

So, what about that road hazard warranty?

Simply put, Venom Power offers a 1-year road hazard protection plan with a few of their tire models, including the Terra Hunter MT. This warranty offers a free tire replacement or tire repair in case of tread damage caused by road hazard damage. To receive compensation, such claims need to be filed with Venom Power.

Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T

  • Road Hazard warranty
  • Mud terrain traction
  • Excellent damage resistance
  • Increased tread life


Trail Hunter ATX All Terrain Tire

Let's leave the Venom Power Terra Hunter models at peace for a bit and talk about its other lineup. The Trail Hunter, most notably, the Trail Hunter ATX, is a good option for drivers looking for decent on- and off-road traction.

The optimal block placement along the tread area and the reinforced compound blend enable the tire to safely perform on various terrains. Soft, loose, and uneven surfaces, as well as on-road traction, will not cause problems. Its self-cleaning footprint upgrades its traction.

During the Venom Power Trail Hunter ATX's on-road drive, its variable pitch pattern lowers road noise levels. This makes sure road disturbances do not reach the passengers or ruin their driving enjoyment. Not many all terrain tires are capable of offering that.

Controllability and durability are also upgraded with this Venom AT tire. The strengthened internal structure and the ideal footprint ensure the tire's consistent surface contact, upgrading steering responsiveness and driving stability. Additionally, the construction helps to boost its overall load and driving durability.

Road Hazard Protection with the Venom Power Trail Hunter ATX

While this model does not offer mileage warranties, it still comes with the Venom Power tires warranty for road hazard protection. Venom Power offers a 1-year road hazard warranty with the Trail Hunter ATX. A free tire replacement or tire repair is included if the tire gets damaged on the tread area by some type of road hazard damage (this can be nails, glass, or potholes, among other issues.

Venom Power Trail Hunter ATX

  • Road Hazard warranty
  • All terrain traction
  • Increased durability and handling
  • Quiet on-road performance


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Venom Power a Good Tire Brand?

Yes, Venom Power is a good tire brand. While they are relatively new, the brand has managed to make a name for itself. Venom is mostly known for its various off-road models, including extreme tires. Customers praise their Terra Hunter lineup for the performance and traction these tires offer.

What Company Makes Venom Tires?

Venom tires are manufactured by Venom Power. This is an American tire brand that has focused on designing various off road truck tires, which got them recognized in the tire market. However, the brand also deals with creating performance, passenger tires as well.

How Many Miles Do Venom Power Tires Last?

Venom Power tires last for about 50,000 miles, but it depends on the tire model purchased. Venom Power tire warranty covers off-road tires as well, which ensures that some tire sizes (21-inch or lower) come with 50,000 or 55,000 miles mileage warranties.