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Venom Power: The Terra Hunter Lineup

Venom Power truck tires managed to make a name for themselves! Their performance speaks volumes about the brand's journey since its start in 2001, and with it, they proved that budget brands are worth a shot.

Price does not always equal quality - we have talked about this before at Priority Tire. But, no other brand solidifies it more than Venom Power. We watched this manufacturer grow over the years and they continue to surprise us. 

So, in honor of Venom Power's growth, let's talk about their most well-known lineup - the Terra Hunter tires.

Venom Power Terra Hunter Tires

Venom Power started its journey manufacturing high performance tires, like the Ragnarok One. However, the brand became truly popular when it introduced off-road tires to its product lineup. 

Strong tires with aggressive tread patterns are what consumers want. When the prices don't leave a hole in their wallets, all the better. Venom Power managed to fill this gap by offering quality off-road tires at affordable prices. 

Over the years, they introduced more models after the first all terrain tire the brand designed. Nowadays, the brand has three distinct off-road tire lineups: the Trail Hunter, the Terra Hunter, and the Swampthing. 

Let us divert your attention to the Terra Hunter lineup, which is available in mud terrain, extreme terrain, and rugged terrain variations. 

The Venom Power Terra Hunter Lineup:

Venom Power model Performance Vehicle Type Available Sizes at Priority Tire
Terra Hunter M/T Mud Terrain Light Trucks Check available sizes.
Terra Hunter R/T Rugged Terrain SUVs and Light Trucks Check available sizes.
Terra Hunter R/T+ Rugged Terrain SUVs and Light Trucks Check available sizes.
Terra Hunter X/T Extreme Terrain Light Trucks Check available sizes.
Terra Hunter X/T+ Extreme Terrain Light Trucks Check available sizes.

Aggressive Traction with Terra Hunter M/T Tires

Mud terrain tires don't need to be introduced. They are some of the strongest off-road tires, capable of handling almost any terrain. Compromising on their quality is not a good idea, but that's where Venom Power joins the game. 

If you are looking for durable mud tires, the Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T might just be for you. It features a non-directional footprint that keeps itself clean with the staggered tread elements. Apart from excellent traction and damage resistance, this Venom Power tire also provides great handling, load capacity, and a lengthened service life, making it perfect for light truck applications.

Venom Power Terra Hunter M/T on a truckVenom Power Terra Hunter M/T on a truck

This Venom Power mud tire comes with a 1-year Road Hazard Warranty.

Terra Hunter R/T+ and Terra Hunter R/T - The Twin Tires

Venom Power's Terra Hunter R/T and Terra Hunter R/T+ are extremely similar. These two models are rugged terrain tires, made for year-round use on SUVs and light trucks. 

At first glance, both tire models are identical. Their treads and dual sidewall designs are indistinguishable, down to the smallest detail. They offer the same excellent handling characteristics, all season and off-road traction, and longevity. There are only two big differences between them!

The vehicle's required tire size will determine whether you need the R/T or the R/T+ version of this tire. The Terra Hunter R/T+ is an addition to the Terra Hunter R/T lineup, which Venom Power used to introduce more sizes. The other dissimilarity is that the Terra Hunter R/T comes with a Road Hazard warranty. The Terra Hunter R/T+ is not offered with Venom Power's protection program.

Venom Power Terra Hunter R/T on a truckVenom Power Terra Hunter R/T on a truck

R/T+ and R/T: Mileage Warranty

In recent years, tire brands started offering mileage warranties with off-road tires. Rugged terrain tires are not an exception to this. 

Both the Terra Hunter R/T and Terra Hunter R/T+ feature a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty offered by Venom Power. However, the mileage warranty is only valid for certain tire sizes. The eligible tire sizes are 22-inch or lower rim diameters and 13.5-inch or smaller footprint widths.

To receive the Venom Power warranty, you must follow the correct maintenance procedures. That includes the rotation of mounted tires according to the prescribed rotation patterns, at least every 3,000 – 5,000 miles. When filing the warranty, please provide documentation showing the rotation schedule, date of purchase, vehicle type, model, odometer reading, and tire pressure reading.

Terra Hunter X/T and Terra Hunter X/T+ for the Harshest Terrains

Extreme Terrain tires are a relatively new product category, due to which not many budget brands manufacture them. Of course, Venom Power would not be a leading off-road tire manufacturer without tackling every new challenge and the Terra Hunter X/T and Terra Hunter X/T+ are their response to the extreme terrain tire craze.

The brand designed them to conquer the most intense terrains without breaking a sweat. Light truck tires made for such applications provide great off-road traction and driving durability. These Venom Power tire models utilize their aggressive tread patterns and sidewall details to generate traction, improve controllability, and prevent damage to the tread area and the casing.

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T on a truckVenom Power Terra Hunter X/T on a truck

At the moment, the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T+ is only available in one size: 35X15.50R24. On the other hand, the brand manufactures the Terra Hunter X/T in multiple sizes between 15" - 28" rim diameters.

Additionally, the Terra Hunter X/T comes with two distinct warranties: 

  • a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with certain sizes
  • a 1-year Road Hazard warranty

Venom Power and Road Hazard Warranty

Various road hazard warranties are an excellent way for manufacturers to build brand loyalty. They provide an extra layer of protection against the damage tires can sustain during their everyday use. From glass shards to potholes, tires face different danger levels as some hazards “only” cause smaller issues while others result in complete tire failures. 

Previously, road hazard warranties were reserved for touring and highway tires. Off-road tires sustain injuries more frequently due to the harsher terrains they traverse. But, unlike many premium brands, Venom Power offers such warranties with off-road truck tires as well. 

When it comes to their Terra Hunter product lineup, the Venom Power warranty covers the Terra Hunter M/T, the Terra Hunter R/T, and the Terra Hunter X/T models. The Plus versions of the tires are not included.

The VIP Road Hazard Protection Plan is Venom Power's warranty that covers eligible tires for 1 year from the purchase date, or the first 3/32nds of an inch of treadwear, whichever comes first. In case of normal road hazard damage, the tires are eligible for a Tire Replacement or a Tire Repair, as long as the tires were purchased through an authorized Venom Power Tires dealer, such as Priority Tire. 

For more information, visit the Venom Power Road Hazard page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Venom Power Off-Road Tires Last?

Many off-road Venom Power tires come with mileage warranties, which showcases the confidence the brand places in its products. With the Terra Hunter lineup, except for the Terra Hunter M/T and the Terra Hunter X/T+, Venom Power offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty, ensuring their longevity.

Are Venom Terra Hunters Loud?

Venom Power designed the Terra Hunter lineup for off-road use. The lineup consists of mud, rugged, and extreme terrain tires, which are not known for their quiet performance. While Venom Power utilizes technologies that decrease road noise, Terra Hunter tires will still not offer good driving comfort levels.

How to Check Venom Power Off-Road Tires’ Tread Wear?

The best way to check the tread wear of Venom Power off-road tires is through visual inspection and the use of a tread depth gauge. Drivers can accurately measure the remaining tread depth with a tread gauge, while irregular wear formations are often visible to the naked eye.