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Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Tire Review

Good-quality, but aggressive tires for trucks can be hard to find. This is especially true when you are looking for something to conquer extreme terrain surfaces with ease.

So, what to do when you need a good extreme off-road tire set?

The simple answer is to look for durable tires with an aggressive tread pattern, preferably one that is labeled "extreme terrain". This is a relatively new tire category, which contains aggressive tire models that are able to handle all off-road terrains with ease.

Extreme terrain tires are better than mud terrain tires or all terrain tires. To show their exceptional performing ability, today we will talk about one of our favorite extreme terrain tires: the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T!

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The Venom Terra Hunter XT Tire Tread Design

If you are looking for a durable off-road SUV or light truck tire set, the Terra Hunter X/T might be the best choice for you. Why? Let us explain.

These Venom Power extreme terrain tires were designed with an aggressive tire tread. Apart from the large, staggered tread blocks, the footprint also sports an open shoulder design and a high void ratio. Additionally, the tread design reached down to its sidewall for extra sideway grip.

The chunky shoulder and narrow center tread blocks, along with their sipe placement, work together with the sidewall design sequence to boost the performance of the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T extreme terrain model.

Keep reading this Venom Terra Hunter XT review to learn more!

Traction with the Terra Hunter X/T

As the Terra Hunter X/T features an aggressive tread, it is able to offer a safer performance off road. In other words, these tread elements provide the needed traction on soft, loose, and uneven terrain surfaces. Therefore, all SUVs and light trucks can safely perform on different terrains with ease.

This exceptional traction is made possible with the additional biting edges provided by the footprint. This pattern that enhances traction firmly grips the driving surface, enabling the tire's consistent forward motion.

Aggressive off road tires also need to keep their footprint clean. Not mentioning the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T's self-cleaning capability would mean this Venom Power Tires review is incomplete.

Yes, this light truck tire uses its extreme terrain tread pattern to eliminate mud, snow, and even rocks stuck between the elements. As a result, its surface contact is never blocked while stone retention is also effectively prevented.

Furthermore, the off-road grip is not the only type of traction these Venom Power tires offer. Often off-road models are made to be all season tires. In this manner, they provide a better grip on a wider range of surfaces.

For most extreme terrain tires dry, wet, and winter weather grip will not cause issues. These Terra Hunter tires are the. Equip your SUVs and light trucks with year-round models that feature an all season construction for extra safety.

Venom Tires: Handling

The tread pattern of Venom Power XT tires also increases their controllability. While the footprint is aggressive, it is also flat. As a result, this offroad tire closely follows the driving surface at all times.

Extreme tires must make sure the light truck's driver has full control over the vehicle at all times. Their aggressive tread patterns have to follow the terrain throughout the performance. In this manner, the Venom Terrain Hunter X/T is able to enhance its steering responsiveness and driving stability.

The tread design and the reinforced ply construction ensure the durability of the light truck tire. They work together to maintain structural stability and the ideal tire shape under pressure. This manages to enhance its handling, while also boosting the overall load capacity.

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Tire

  • Extreme terrain traction
  • Year-round performance
  • Improved handling and durability
  • Venom Power Tread and Road Hazard warranties


Things to Consider Before Buying Venom XT Tires

A couple of positive characteristics of the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T have been mentioned. But, is it all sunshine and roses?

No Venom Tires review is complete without providing the full picture. So, let's quickly run through the positive and negative characteristics of the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T extreme terrain tire.


  • Secure and sharp extreme terrain performance
  • Optimized surface grip throughout the year, even in colder temperatures
  • 50,000 miles tread life warranty and Road Hazard warranty with some sizes
  • Enhanced handling on versatile terrains and various weather conditions


  • Road noise during highway applications can be an issue as these tires are noisy
  • As this is not a winter tire, its ice traction leaves things to be desired
  • Warranties are only applicable to specific sizes, not all of them

Venom Power Tire Warranty

One aspect we have not mentioned before it the excellent longevity the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T offers. Light truck tires with a 50,000 miles tread life warranty? Yes, please!

Some of the best off-road tires do not come with such a warranty, yet Venom Power Tires made it possible. However, we need to keep in mind that the 50,000 miles warranty is only applicable for 22-inch and lower sizes, as long as the correct tire maintenance procedures are followed.

Even without the warranty, these are long-lasting tires. Their stabilized footprint and wear-resistant tire compound optimize the treadwear manner. Slow and even wear is guaranteed across the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T's surface area, enhancing its usability.

When looking for off-road tires for sale, choosing a set with a Road Hazard warranty will ease your mind for a while. This Venom Power tire is also sold with a 1-year Road Hazard warranty, which makes the tire eligible for a Tire Replacement or Tire Repair if the tire suffers from road hazard damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Makes Venom Power Tires?

Venom Power tires are made by Venom Power, a Chinese tire manufacturing company. This tire brand focuses on manufacturing the best-value tires you can find on the tire market. They specialize in off-road tires, but high performance models can also be found in their product lineup.

Where are Venom Power Tires Made?

Venom Power tires are manufactured in the company's Chinese factories. They design and produce good-quality tires for less for versatile vehicles. They provide popular all season tires that are able to conquer various terrain surfaces with ease.