Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Tire Review

Apr 20th 2021

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T Tire Review

If you are in search of a new set of all terrain tires, look no further! Let us introduce you to a special model which promotes great on- and off-road performance, the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T. This budget-friendly all terrain tire model will provide your vehicle with the durability, traction and handling you need.

Priority Tire offers a wide range of versatile terrain models. Among them, a special highlight is the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T! This model is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured in sizes fitting SUVs and light trucks. The manufacturer offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with specific sizes of this model, see below for more details.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: All Terrain
  • Car Type: SUVs and light trucks
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

How Long Does the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T last?

The Venom Power offers a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with both the SUV and light truck sizes of the Terra Hunter X/T. Tires with 22 inch and lower sizes receive this warranty if the correct procedures are followed.

Experience the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

The Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T promotes exceptional versatile terrain and road traction. The tread design with the deep, multi-functional groove pattern and the staggered block placement boosts the soft, loose and uneven terrain grip. These tread elements guarantee the tire’s forward motion at all times, by providing the needed traction to conquer different terrain surfaces with ease. Furthermore, the footprint also ensures a secure on-road performance, improving the tire’s controllability.

The constant and close surface contact allows the Terra Hunter X/T to improve the vehicle’s controllability. The tire’s flat footprint enhances the steering responsiveness and the driving stability during its on- and off-road performance. The model’s reinforced ply construction keeps the ideal tire shape under the pressure. This not only optimizes the tire’s performing capability, but it also helps to greatly enhance the model’s load handling ability. In this manner, the model promotes a safer performance and the better load capacity.

As mentioned before, the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T also promotes a longer lasting usability. The durable compound materials used during the manufacturing process and the equal pressure distribution across the tread area work together to lengthen the tread life. The compound elements minimize the treadwear rate, while the footprint actively avoids irregular wear formations. Therefore, Venom Power confidently promotes a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model. In order to receive the warranty – which is for 22 inch and lower sizes – the mounted tires must be rotated according to the prescribed rotation patterns (at least 3,000 – 5,000 miles), and the documented rotation schedule must be shown. 

Tires must be presented for adjustment during regular routine maintenance. The documentation showing the rotation schedule, date of purchase, vehicle type, model, odometer reading and tire pressure must be presented when requesting an adjustment of a prematurely worn-out tire.

The optimized tread pattern manages to keep the footprint clean throughout its performance. The detailed staggered elements of the footprint and the high void ratio manage to eliminate mud and snow, and eject rocks stuck between the tread elements. In other words, the footprint prevents mud and snow from blocking the surface contact, while rocks cannot drill into the tread area and harm the casing with stone retention.


  • Excellent on- and off-road traction
  • Upgraded load durability and controllability
  • Longer lasting service life


  • Could be quieter during the on-road drive
  • Only specific sizes are covered under the manufacturer's warranty

Product Information

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T tires are a hybrid all terrain, all season models made to be manufactured for SUVs and light trucks. The model comes in a wide range of sizes, starting from 16 inch rim diameters and up. The tire is available with R, Q and S speed ratings. 

The model promotes great on- and off-road terrain performance and traction, while also optimizing the versatile surface controllability with the stabilized footprint. The ideal tread elements keep the footprint clean and actively avoid stone retention from shortening the service life. 

The strengthened ply structure improves the load durability, optimizing the load durability. The tire features a protruding sidewall design which gives the model a unique aesthetic.

Is the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T the right tire for you?

If you are looking for an excellent all terrain tire for your SUV or light truck, we would recommend the Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T for you. As we have mentioned before, the tire promotes exceptional on- and off-road traction, guaranteeing the vehicle’s performance on versatile terrain surfaces. Furthermore, the tire ensures that the driver’s control over the vehicle is constant, even on terrains where vehicles are harder to maneuver. 

Lastly, the 50,000 mile treadwear warranty is nothing to sneeze at, as all terrain models rarely receive such benefits. By choosing the Terra Hunter X/T model, you ensure your driving safety throughout the tire’s lifetime.

Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T

  • Damage resistance
  • All terrain traction
  • All weather traction
  • Improved durability

Check available sizes for Venom Power Terra Hunter X/T at Priority Tire.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Venom Power Terra Hunter any good?

The Terra Hunter X/T model from Venom power offers a secure all terrain performance for your vehicle. Not only do the tires look great, their performing capability and controllability are exceptional. This guarantees the vehicle’s secure performance during its lengthened lifespan.

Where are Venom Power tires made?

Venom Power is a tire manufacturing company situated in China. The company’s main focus is providing great quality products for the replacement tire market. Venom Power combines decades of experience in engineering and tire development to manufacture excellent on- and off-road tire models, and they are quickly becoming one of the most popular tire manufacturers in North America.

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