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Venom Power Primo Hauler Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo on Oct 26th 2022

Venom Power Primo Hauler Tire Review

Venom Power Primo Hauler Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo at Priority Tire on Oct 26th 2022

The best tires to buy for your trailer are specifically made for trailer applications. Light truck tires will not offer the same performance and safety as trailer tires do.

This is because, trailer tires are designed with a reinforced construction that is optimized for trailer use. But, which trailer tire set should you purchase? Which are the best choice trailer tires you can get online?

Well, let us introduce you to the Venom Power Primo Hauler: one of our top selections for the best trailer tires.

Continue reading this Venom Power Tires review to learn everything there is to know about the Primo Hauler model.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Highway
  • Car Type: Trailer
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

Venom Power Primo Hauler

  • Trailer tire model
  • All season Traction
  • Improved controllability
  • Upgraded load durability


Why is the Venom Power Primo Hauler Your Best Choice Trailer Tire?

There are multiple factors that contribute to us designating the title of "best trailer tire" to a specific tire model. However, their traction, controllability, and durability need to be taken into account.

Well, the Venom Power Primo Hauler offers all three. It ensures great year-round traction, superb towing safety, better load capacity, and great handling. Therefore, they provide the utmost safety levels possible for a trailer tire.

Let's take a look at how this trailer tire is able to provide all of this!

The Best Heavy-duty Tires for Trailers

Just because you are looking the best budget tires for trailers, does not mean you need to sacrifice load durability. Choosing the correct trailer tires for sale is crucial in order to ensure your trailer's performance.

So, are these Venom Power models good heavy-duty tires for trailers?

ST trailer tires with all steel structures, like these Venom tires, are capable of maintaining their ideal shape under pressure. This construction does not allow trailer tires to deform under load and driving pressure. The all steel structure increases its overall load capacity.

Mounting radial tires on trailer applications will enable their exceptional performance. So, if you are looking for cargo trailer tires, the Venom Power Primo Hauler are the best budget tires you can purchase.

Safe Performance with All Season Tires

Driving safety is a crucial characteristic that all tires need to offer, no matter what type you purchase. All season tires must provide you with superb year-round performance.

However, when it comes to the Venom Power Primo Hauler uses its particularly wide and flat tread design and high-quality compound blend. This combination, apart from offering long-lasting tires, also increases its dry, wet, and winter traction.

The flat road contact patch with the ribbed tread design enables the tire's surface contact at all times. This ribbed pattern's angled sipe placement firmly grips the road surface throughout the year, by generating extra biting edges. Additionally, this footprint was molded using a durable all season compound, enabling its great summer and winter performance.

All season tires also need to prevent hydroplaning. Wide circumferential grooves actively combat hydroplaning in wet conditions. This further upgrades wet weather traction, by channeling water and slush from the footprint.

Trailer Stability and Great Controllability

The best trailer tires must also ensure the towing vehicle's control over the trailer at all times.

Putting that in perspective with the Venom Power Primo Hauler is easy. A Venom Power Tire review is not complete without mentioning their controllability. This trailer tire offers great driving surface contact with the flat, five-rib tread design.

Radial trailer tires often use a ribbed tread design to closely follow the road surface. Thankfully, the model increases its steering responsiveness and driving stability. Apart from fast and accurate steering responses to the towing vehicle's instructions, these trailer tires also guarantee a stable performance.

Additionally, better driving stability guarantees a secure drive. Radial trailer tires and their flat footprints secure the structure against pressure, minimizing the possibility of trailer swaying.

Trailer sway, also known as fishtailing, is quite dangerous. It causes the trailer to move side-to-side behind the towing vehicles. A good-quality trailer tire set will help you minimize this throughout the towing process.


  • Consistent surface contact promotes handling
  • Increased year-round performance
  • Heavy-duty load durability


  • Dry rots quicker in warmer temperatures
  • Offers a bumpy off-road trailer performance

venom power trailer tire

Product Information

Venom Power Tires manufacture all of their models, no matter if they are passenger or trailer tires, to offer durable performance.

Venom Power designed the Primo Hauler to be a strong heavy-duty trailer tire. To make sure the tire is able to handle the weight of versatile trailers, it was designed with a larger load capacity. All tire sizes provide this durability, which was made possible by its 117 to 133 load index range.

To add to this, Primo Hauler's load range offers also represent this. This trailer tire is manufactured in G, F, and H load ranges.

These tires are produced in sizes of 15 and 16-inch rim diameters. This makes them perfect for most common trailers, as Venom Power creates a good size range. Furthermore, these tires are designed with L and M speed ratings, which provide moderate performance.

Is the Venom Power Primo Hauler a Good Trailer Spare Tire?

Yes, the Venom Power Primo Hauler is an excellent choice is you are replacing trailer tires. Purchasing this Venom Power to be the spare tire on the vehicle enables its exceptional safety.

Special trailers have to have trailer tires that are capable of handling their performance. This includes their spare tire as well. With their load durability, all season traction, and stable maneuvering, these Venom Power tires offer a secure performance.

Learn more about trailer tires in general at Priority Tire!


Who Makes Venom Power Tires?

Venom Power tires are made by a Chinese tire manufacturing brand of the same name. They design and produce good-quality tires for versatile vehicles, including, passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and even trailers. Venom tires offer exceptional quality at budget-friendly prices.

How Long do Trailer Tires Last?

How long trailer tires last depends on how often they are used. If the trailer is on the road for over 15,000 miles per year, its tires will wear out in about 5-6 years. However, if the trailer is used less, dry rot will get the tires before their tread wears out.

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