Venom Power Primo Hauler Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on May 4th 2022

Venom Power Primo Hauler Tire Review

Venom Power Primo Hauler Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on May 4th 2022

Buying the right trailer tires is extremely important for your driving safety and stability. Your vehicle has to tow the trailer with ease, and good quality tires can greatly facilitate that. Besides quality, you also need to go for the right load and speed rating based on the trailer you have.

What we aim for is to save you some time by presenting you one of the best tire models we have for trailers. Let us introduce you to the Venom Power Primo Hauler that dominates its competition. This one comes with a wide tread, heavy load capacity, and an unbelievably tough structure.

It is available in a range of load and speed ratings that makes it a great choice for various trailer models. Choosing the correct one is especially important, as towing a trailer puts a lot of stress on the tires. The Venom Power Primo Hauler comes with numerous benefits, and we are going to go through all of them below.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Highway
  • Car Type: Trailer
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes

Venom Power Primo Hauler

  • Trailer tire model
  • All season Traction
  • Improved controllability
  • Upgraded load durability


Experience the Venom Power Primo Hauler

The Venom Power Primo Hauler offers a particularly wide and flat tread for better stability. This design choice completely eliminates irregular wear and also extends tread life. The extremely durable compound not only endures heavy loads but also prevents heat build-up.

This model is specially made for heavy-duty applications. In case you are looking for a tire that is capable of towing huge and heavy trailers, then look no further. The Venom Power Primo Hauler is one of the best tires you can find right now on the market. Let’s see what are the main features that make this tire stand out from the competition.

You can also learn more about trailer tires in general here on Priority Tire.

Ideal Surface Contact for Better Maneuverability

The five-rib tread boasts extra-wide shoulder ribs that stabilize the tire footprint against the asphalt surface. With the Venom Power Primo Hauler, controllability and driving stability are as good as they get. The tread is specially designed with these benefits in mind, guaranteeing you fast and precise steering responses.

It enables you to control the vehicle with ease, ensuring an enjoyable driving experience. The tire’s robust structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting it. This model does not allow trailer swaying, taking out one of the main risk factors that could compromise your safety.

You can count on consistent towing every single moment, which greatly enhances driving safety throughout the drive.

Heavy Duty Performance with Huge Load Carrying Capacity

The Venom Power Primo Hauler comes with an all steel structure that boosts its load capacity. Equipping your trailer with these tires will enhance its load carrying and withstanding ability to a great degree. In fact, this model is specially engineered for heavy-duty applications.

With its reinforced internal structure, you can be sure that the tire will maintain its optimal shape throughout the drive. It can endure huge load and driving pressure, without suffering the slightest deformation. This also makes the tire a great choice for long ventures.

It promotes a superb load durability, which is why such models are so popular.

Optimized Compound and Tread for Constant Traction

The Venom Power Primo Hauler features a special all season compound that adapts well to the changing weather conditions. It remains flexible whether it’s hot or cold outside, guaranteeing you peace of mind by keeping its traction consistent.

The tire really has no difficulties handling dry, wet, and snow-covered roads. It excels in pretty much every situation due to the abundance of biting edges on the center ribs and the circumferential grooves. The latter take care of hydroplaning by channeling water, slush, and snow away from the contact patch.

These features make the Venom Power Primo Hauler a versatile model to go for. Since the flat footprint and the rubber blend ensure constant traction, this greatly lowers the tire’s rolling resistance as well. This way, your vehicle is going to require less fuel, since the tires require less towing.


- Ideal for heavy loads

- Large contact patch for maximum surface contact

- High quality rubber blend

- Heat-resistant compound


- Prone to early dry rot if stored in hot conditions

- Not recommended for off-road or bumpy roads

Product Information

The Venom Power Primo Hauler is a model designed for heavy-duty trailers. It is available in rim sizes of 15 and 16 inches, which are the most common sizes for trailers. You can choose between L and M speed ratings. These ratings are very typical for tires in this category.

The ones with an L speed rating can be driven up to a speed of 75 mph (120 kmh), while the ones with an M rating up to 81 mph (130 kmh). This just means that the tire gets near its maximum driving pressure at these speeds. If you drive faster, there is a risk that your tire will suffer tread or structural damage.

These are safe limits so you are doing nothing wrong by driving at the same exact speeds. However, keep in mind that not taking the speed rating seriously can compromise your driving safety.

The Venom Power Primo Hauler comes with a load capacity range that characterizes a true heavy-duty trailer tire. Its load index ranges from 117 to 133 which is quite impressive. This means that it can carry or withstand 2833 to 4541 lbs (1285 to 2060 kgs).

These ratings are per tire, so you need to multiply it by the number of tires you run your trailer on. For trailers running four tires on the same axle, make sure to use the lower load index when calculating this number. If the end result is approximately your trailer’s weight, then what you have is the minimum load rating.

While buying high-quality trailer tires is a smart choice, maintaining them properly is even smarter. Trailer tire maintenance is important and you can learn more about it on Priority Tire.

Is the Venom Power Primo Hauler the Right Tire for You?

With the Venom Power Primo Hauler, you get top quality for your money. This model excels in the most important capabilities in the trailer tire category. First off, it has a huge load carrying capacity thanks to its steel belt structure. They have also focused on engineering a tire that fully counters irregular wear.

Its extra-wide shoulder ribs and the flat footprint keep tread wear even and slow it down to a significant degree. This footprint design also comes in handy concerning controllability. It ensures outstanding driving stability, allowing you to have your trailer under control and enjoy the drive.

Venom Power has also paid particular attention to choosing the right all season compound. The tire maintains its flexibility and sticks to the asphalt surface all year long. In addition, its four circumferential grooves provide an outstanding self-cleaning ability.

With the Venom Power Primo Hauler, you can forget about hydroplaning, shakiness, and excessive fuel consumption. Instead, the control will be completely in your hands, while relying on longevity and the ultimate eco-friendly driving experience. 

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