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Transeagle ST Radial Review (All Steel Radial Trailer Tire)

Different trailer tire brands are available for sale online. Some would say that the tire market is already oversaturated with the multitude of ST tires for trailers sold.

So, how should we choose the next tires for our trailer? Which are the best ST tires available for sale?

Well, the answer is not that simple. Different trailers will need specific tires in order to securely perform. However, we can do one thing to make your search easier: introduce you to the Transeagle ST Radial tires. 

This specific tire is quite interesting. Thanks to its all steel construction, it is able to effectively enhance its overall durability. As a result, it can be used on boat trailers, fifth-wheelers, or even cargo/commercial trailers. 

Continue reading this Transeagle trailer tire review to see why we would recommend this all steel trailer model.

Why Should You Choose Transeagle Trailer Tires?

When it comes to Transeagle tires, their trailer tire models are the most well-known on the tire market. There is a good reason for this!

Transeagle all steel ST Radial trailer tires provide the durability, performance, and handling one expects from the tires mounted on their trailers. Yet, they are still a budget-friendly option worth exploring. This trailer tire manufacturer makes sure their load range H, G, and F tires flawlessly perform.

All steel radial tire models are an excellent choice for versatile trailer applications. From utility trailers to fifth-wheelers, you are sure to find the perfect Transeagle ST Radial trailer tire size best for your trailer.

Transeagle ST Radial promotional image

Transeagle ST Radial 12 Ply Trailer Tires

Load range F tires, like the Transeagle ST Radial 225/75R15, offer a wide variety of trailer applications. They can be mounted on boat trailers, RVs, and utility trailers alike. As long as the ST tire set matches the load requirements of the trailer, they can be safely used.

This Transeagle trailer tire size is an excellent choice if you are looking for a bit more load durability for your R15 trailer. Such trailer tires (12 ply) operate at 95 psi, at which air pressure they can safely carry 3960 lbs each.

By purchasing F-rated ST trailer tires, you can ensure that even your larger trailer can perform as it is intended. Unlike smaller trailer tires (load range C, D, and E), 12 ply ST Radial tires are able to handle more loads, without deforming. However, these are also larger tires that are not suitable for all trailer models.

14 Ply Trailer Tires, the Most Popular ST Radial Sizes

Tire load range G is one step above 14-ply sizes. These trailer tires need to run at 110 psi in order to ensure their maximum load capacity. Load range G tires are the threshold where trailer tires truly become heavy-duty ones, as they can handle about 4,000 lbs, but it can differ between tire models.

Due to their bigger sizes, Transeagle 14 ply trailer tires, will not fit smaller trailers. For this reason, their application is more limited to larger utility trailers. Also because of this, they have speed limitations. This is not a high speed trailer tire, as it can only perform at around 75 mph. High speed driving with such large tires can be a safety issue.

Yet, there is no question about the necessity of such tires. Load range G trailer tires are able to safely carry large loads. Therefore, they make perfect choices for larger fifth-wheelers and cargo trailers.

Transeagle tires mounted on a cargo trailer

Choose the ST Radial 16 Ply Trailer Tires for Heavier Loads

The Transeagle all steel radial ST tires are also available with an H load range. Such tires are 16-ply rated, which means that they need 125 psi to properly function. Typically, the highest load range you will be able to find for a trailer tire is load range H, which can handle about 6,000 lbs.

These are true heavy-duty tires, which were designed to carry larger loads without issues. Their internal structure does not deform and heat accumulation is resisted. This combination makes sure the model can securely perform in various applications.

Again, the issue with such big tire sizes is that they do not fit all trailers. Furthermore, their high speed durability is limited, due to the load pressure affecting the tires throughout their performance.

What Makes the Transeagle ST Radial Model Stand Out?

We can look at the Transeagle ST Radial 235/85R16 or any of the model's small sizes and we will come to the same conclusion. They are worth the hype.

Transeagle trailer tires have made a name for themselves on the U.S. replacement tire market and for a good reason. They manufacture durable tires, which are sold at reasonable prices. This trailer tire manufacturer is able to create good-quality tires while keeping production costs low, resulting in a win-win situation for all of us.

However, their price is not their only strong point. All of their tires, including the Transeagle all steel ST Radial ST 14 ply trailer tire, provide durability, handling, traction, and longevity. No matter if we are lookign at the trailer tire load range D models or higher, trailer owners can rest assured that Transeagle tires will not leave them in a bind.

Transeagle tires mounted on a boat trailer

All Steel Trailer Tires for Durability and Puncture Resistance

Trailer tire load range E and bigger sizes ensure your trailers secure performance, even under larger loads. This Transeagle trailer tires review would not be complete without mentioning the ST Radial's exceptional load durability and damage resistance.

The reinforced internal structure of such trailer tires helps to enhance load capacity. This is achieved as the construction does not deform under load and driving pressure. On the other hand, it also actively protects the structure against casing damage. Punctures, cuts, and impact damage are avoided, significantly lengthening its service life.

What Do Customers Say About the Transeagle ST Radial?

The ST Radial is manufactured in rim sizes between 13-16 sizes. However, their popularity starts with Transeagle trailer tires 205/75R15. This size, along with the 235/85R16 are the most sought-after sizes available from the ST Radial model.

When it comes to Transeagle trailer tire reviews, the general opinion is that they are good-quality models for the price you pay. These are not premium tires, therefore, their price range will be significantly lower compared to higher-end brands. Still, that does not mean one will sacrifice performance, traction, and durability when it comes to these trailer models.

Instread, when treated fairly (they are not overloaded, the air pressure is checked often, etc.) these tires tend to last for years.

Transeagle ST Radial

  • Enhanced controllability
  • Exceptional load durability
  • Longer-lasting tread life

Check available sizes for ST Radial!