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These Were the 10 Best Tire Brands in 2022

What happens when you compare tire brands?

Each tire manufacturer offers their own twist to their models. However, that does not mean that they will be counted among the best tire brands.

Some top-rated tires do not even make it on these lists, for multiple reasons. However, we will not talk about that today. Instead, we will look through which are the best tires ranking.

Therefore, Priority Tire decided to create a list of the best tires and brands available on our website. Our list does not just include the largest tire manufacturer, but we have taken into consideration what are popular tire brands among consumers.

So, who makes the best tires in the world? See below!

Tire Brand Popular Tire Types Price Point Available Models at Priority Tire
Michelin High Performance
★★★★★ Check available sizes.
Continental Touring ★★★★☆ Check available sizes.
Cooper Touring
★★★☆☆ Check available sizes.
General Touring   ★★★★☆ Check available sizes.
Bridgestone Run Flat   ★★★★☆ Check available sizes.
Hankook Performance
★★★☆☆ Check available sizes.
Venom Power Off-road
★★★☆☆ Check available sizes.
Falken Off-road
★★★☆☆ Check available sizes.
Kumho High Performance
★★★☆☆ Check available sizes.
Armstrong Performance
★★☆☆☆ Check available sizes.

Michelin Tires - Best Tires in All Aspects

No top 10 tire brands list is complete without  Michelin Tires!

There is no question who makes the best quality tires. Michelin, this French tire giant, even offers some of their tires made in USA. However, these are also the most expensive tires you can find on the market.

Michelin tire models are considered to be premium tires, thanks to the first-rate materials and technologies the largest tire manufacturer uses to create the products.

When looking at their quality tire line-up, consumers will easily find the perfect fit for their vehicles. While their best-rated tires offer the best performance tires for daily driving, Michelin Tires also manufactures models for commercial, industrial, trailer, etc. applications.

Therefore, apart from being the best quality tire company for passenger vehicles and SUVs, Michelin tire models can be found for all uses.

But, how did Michelin achieve such success? A tire brand cannot become the best without investing in its tire technologies. That is what Michelin has done.

Unlike some tire manufacturers, Michelin Tires put a lot of effort into creating the best tires for cars and other vehicles. They have managed to achieve this by using special technologies to optimize different performing aspects of their tires.

From touring to performance tires, and everything outside of these categories, the tire brand works to enhance the safety, comfort, fuel economy, etc. of their tires relentlessly.

You can also hear about Michelin's high performance tires if you follow motorsports, as they are a beloved tire manufacturer among racing fans.


  • Easily available in multiple countries
  • Offers a wide range of different tires and sizes
  • Top quality offered by only the best tire brands
  • Outstanding reviews on all their tires


  • Michelin is the most expensive tire brand on this list

Continental Tires - Designed for Durability

Continental Tires

Competing for the largest tire manufacturer title is  Continental Tires.

German craftsmanship offers dependable tires in various categories. Top-rated tire brands must put a lot of effort into manufacturing their products. They cannot leave the quality of their tires to chance.

Not only is Continental one of the best car tire brands, but the company also reaches into producing commercial tires. Manufacturing precision and top-rated raw materials make this possible. This combination allows the tire maker to produce great quality products, with both their European and USA-made tires. Yes, Continental has factories in the US.

From their passenger car tires to different axle commercial models, this tire manufacturer creates each and every tire with care. You can just as easily find motorcycle and industrial tires in their lineup.

The best tires on the market, no matter if they are touring or performance tires, must offer driving safety. Tire makers like Continental turn their attention to detail. They use their very own technologies to create value tires.

With such exceptional tires, Continental is placed on the top 10 tire brands ranked list. This tire brand offers tires in the most common vehicle sizes, as well as specialty sizes. While it is done by all top tire manufacturers, these best-brand tires offered by Continental still stand out.


  • Excellent specialty and seasonal tires
  • Precision manufacturing of top-rated tires
  • A wide range of various tire sizes is available


  • Does not focus on off-road tire production

Cooper Tires - Affordable Quality Tires

Cooper Tires

The Cooper Tire & Rubber Company, simply known as  Cooper Tires, offers American-made tires on the replacement tire market.

Unlike the previous two brands, Cooper had its start in Ohio. Since then, it has grown to be one of the best value tire manufacturers in the USA and the world. Some would say that they make the best American tire models. For this reason alone they are already a beloved tire brand in the US.

However, Cooper offers so much more. They are the best tire manufacturer when it comes to budget-friendly everyday driving options. Their models range from touring to high performance tires, each of them manufactured with perfection.

While the Cooper Tires brand doesn't provide a wide tire range, all of its tires are designed with consumers in mind. From their treadwear warranties to the price of Cooper tires, this brand offers the best tire value on the market.

Choose the right tire set for you from their all season, summer, and winter tire lineups. Or check out their durable off-road tires! They manufacture models suitable for passenger cars, SUVs, and light trucks.

Good tires do not need to be expensive. This brand has shown us just that! While they still come with a higher price range, they are more on the affordable side. This combined with quality makes Cooper Tires an exceptional choice no matter what you need.

Furthermore, which is a big plus in our book, Cooper also manufactures tires for muscle cars. Vintage car tire brands are hard to come by, so Cooper being one of them makes the search easier.


  • First-rate off-road tire brand
  • Great seasonal tire offerings
  • Vintage muscle car tire options


  • Their product line is not that wide compared to other brands on this list

General Tires - Reliable Tires for Less

General Tires

Have you ever been disappointed in a General tire? Neither have we.

General tires models are manufactured with precision and are offered at lower prices. This is made possible as the brand is owned by Continental tires (that's right, the second placement on our best tire companies list).

Because it is considered to be a sub-brand, it is often neglected. Usually, different tire brands manufacture their sub tire brands' products of sub tire brands with lesser-quality materials and technologies. That's not the case with  General Tire.

Their Grabber product line is the most successful, which contains passenger car, SUV, and light truck tires among its lineup. These are mostly all terrain tires and highway models. However, performance tires can also be found among them.

Yet, Grabber models are not the only gem General Tire offers. Their various high performance tires, winter tires, and even some all season tires are also designed and produced with care. No matter if you are looking for everyday, off-roading, or commercial tires, General has your back.

Performance tires tend to be costly. However, with General Tire you don't have to worry about high prices. These are the best tires to buy if you are looking for a durable tire set.


  • Exceptional reviews from consumers
  • Offers a superb off-road tire lineup
  • Their winter tires are excellent


  • Not as many passenger car options, which are not winter tires

Bridgestone Tires - The Best Run Flat Tires

The Japanese giant of the tire world is undisputably  Bridgestone Tires.

Yes, Bridgestone is originally Japanese. Often tire brand names can mislead you. However, just because this is not one of the many American tire brands does not mean it's not worth a shot. After all, Bridgestone has shown its worth over the years.

But what are the best tires manufactured by Bridgestone?

This tire manufacturer offers a wide range of different tires. High performance tires, all terrain tires (and other off-roading ones), and even commercial tires are among their lineup. Yet, their best-selling models seem to be run flat tires.

Bridgestone was one of the first tire brands to introduce run flat tires onto the tire market, for everyday consumers. From their DriveGuard to various other RFT models, this brand offers premium tire models and excellent safety.

If you are looking for the smoothest tires, try out their Turanza lineup. For an eco-friendly performance, Bridgestone Ecopia models are the best fit.

Additionally, it is one of the tire manufacturers in the USA, as the company has factories across the country. Therefore, it is not actually one of the American-made tire brands, but it is close.

Among all tire brands on our list today, Bridgestone might not be the best tire for the money. However, you can be sure your driving experience will be as safe as possible.


  • Versatile tire models manufactured
  • Exceptional traction with all seasonal tires
  • An easily accessible tire manufacturer


  • Depending on the model you need, it can be pricey

Hankook Tires - Long Term Warranty Budget Tires

Hankook Tires

When searching for the best value tires, you might come across Hankook. This South Korean tire manufacturer has a few tricks up its sleeve.

The best tires are not always manufactured by well-known brands. However, Hankook has been creeping into the tire market one model at a time. The brand has quickly earned recognition, especially for its treadwear warranties.

Yes,  Hankook Tire offers some of the best mileage warranties available with tires by brand-name companies. Some of their passenger car, all season tires come with up to 100,000 miles warranties. That is nothing to sneeze at!

Hankook Tires stands behind its products in such a manner, but that is not all they bring to the table. They have an extensive lineup of various budget-friendly tires. Their most popular models are the performance tires and all season tires, but their winter models are gaining attention as well.

While they do not manufacture many all terrain tires, their off-road models still provide the durability necessary. For this reason, Hankook has earned its place on our "What are the best tire brands" list.

If you are thinking about purchasing a Hankook tire set, check out their Dynapro, Kingery, and Optimo lineups. For winter tire options, look for their Winter i*cept and Winter i*Pike tires.


  • Most tires come with an exceptional mileage warranty
  • Various touring, all season tires are available
  • Superb quality is offered with all tires


  • Not many mud terrain tires offered

Venom Power Tires - High-Performance Off Road Tires

Venom Power Tires

Performance tires and mud terrain tires are the specialties of  Venom Power!

Well, that's a bit of a generalization, but it is mostly true. This budget-friendly tire brand has managed to earn a name for itself by producing excellent-quality performance and off-road tires, at affordable prices.

In other words, Venom tire models are designed with the utmost care and good-quality raw materials. This has allowed the brand to break into the tire market with trustworthy products.

Venom all terrain tires, as well as their rugged terrain options, are some of the best tires for off-roading. Their aggressive tread patterns provide the traction necessary for harsh driving, while the structure ensures their durability.

However, the first models manufactured by this brand were high performance tires, part of the Ragnarok lineup. They also offer everything you might need for a safe high speed drive. Traction, durability, and heat resistance are guaranteed at cost-efficient prices.

They have a single trailer tire among their lineup as well, the Primo Hauler.

But that is not all! No, we do not wish to sound like an infomercial. Venom Power offers treadwear and Road Hazard warranties with some of their models. Most of their light truck tires are covered by their road hazard warranty, while the mileage guarantee differs from one tire to another.


  • Offers a road hazard warranty
  • Superb durability with all tire models
  • Tires offered at a lower price range


  • New brand, their lineup is still lacking

Falken Tires - Inexpensive All Terrain Tires

Falken Tires

Touring and high performance tires, with a sprinkle of mud terrain tires - that's what Falken has to offer!

This sub-brand of Sumitomo manufactures some of the best tires available on the American market.  Falken Tire competes with some of the best-known tire brands out there, and it stays in the ring.

Apart from their high performance models, Falken all terrain tires are the most popular. However, all of their products guarantee exceptional traction and durability. Drivers with Falken tires mounted on their vehicles can be at ease.

The brand's Wildpeak, Sincera, and Ziex lineups are the most popular. With these products, Falken is able to provide great-quality tires from multiple categories. Yet, these are not the only product lines offered by the brand.

Passenger car and SUV tires aren't the only models offered. This brand deals with commercial truck and van tires as well, by manufacturing tires for various axle positions. We also should not fail to mention their durable racing models )some of which are not DOT-approved for highway use).

The best tires for less are the ones that do not sacrifice their performance for a lower price range. Falken Tires has managed to achieve this balance nicely.


  • Lower prices without diminishing quality
  • Wide range of versatile tire models
  • Racing models are also available


  • Some racing models are not DOT-approved (racing only)

Kumho Tires - Top Shelf Tires Built for Longevity

Kumho tires

Kumho is another South Korean tire brand that is beloved by consumers. For a good reason!

This brand earned its place on our top 10 best tire brands list for its extensive tire lineup. While most of its models are either touring or high performance tires, Kumho manufactures commercial tires as well.

This makes sure that each driver will find what they are looking for, at budget-friendly prices.  Kumho Tire utilizes its modern technologies to design and produce quality tires. From comfort levels to controllability, these models offer everything.

Kumho's most popular tires belong to the Ecsta, Crugen, Road Venture, and Solus lineups. These are the brands' touring and performance tires, while the Wintercraft models are... well, for winter.

Some of these passenger car, SUV, and light truck tires are offered with treadwear warranties. Of course, everyday driving tires are not the only models the brand offers. Among its Ecsta lineup, Kumho Tire also offers a couple of racing tires. Mud terrain tires and other off-roading models offer driving safety in various terrain conditions.

Additionally, they also manufacture temporary spare tires.


  • Wide range of passenger car and SUV tires
  • Exceptional off-road performance with mud terrain tires
  • Low price, high quality


  • Compared to other brands on the list, their warranty could be better

Armstrong Tires - Excellent Value Low Budget Tires

Armstrong Tire is the sub-brand of Pirelli, one of the best tire manufacturers in the world.

Whether you are in need of commercial or passenger car tires, Armstrong has you covered! Their various tire models are designed with modern technologies to offer the durability and traction needed for safe performance.

While they do offer tires in different categories, for most categories they only have one model available. For example, all of their mud terrain tires are the Desert Dog MT, just in different sizes.

On one hand, this allows Armstrong to focus on perfecting its existing models. However, often consumers require different models to choose from. Their performance and durability have earned Armstrong a place on our best tires list, but there is room to improve.

Yet, when it comes to their passenger car models, Armstrong is unbeatable. One could say their arm is really strong. No? Okay, let's move on.

The Blu-Trac and Tru-Trac tire lineups offer some of the best touring and high performance tires available on the market. Driving safety is guaranteed at low price points with this tire brand.

To top it all off, Armstrong Tire also dabbles in manufacturing industrial and lawn mower tires.


  • Low price points for good-quality tires
  • Durable performance with all tires
  • Most tires come with good warranties


  • They only have a couple of tire models available

How to Choose the Best Tires for the Money?

When searching for good-value tires, it is important that drivers know what they need. Purchasing tires willy-nilly will not end well.

However, what tire you need depends on multiple factors. These include:

  • Driving habits
  • Location and weather
  • Type of vehicle
  • Budget

The best would be to determine what you are expecting from your tires. Getting a touring tire set will not work if you need high performance tires. Consequently, purchasing on-road tires for an off-road vehicle is not a good idea.

For this reason, the best tires for the money are the ones that work well for your needs. Take into account how aggressive is your driving style, in what conditions you drive, and what car or truck you own, and then try to look for a matching tire within your budget.

It might seem like rocket science, but we promise it is not that complicated. Priority Tire is always here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Tire Brand?

Michelin Tires is considered to be the best tire brand in the world. This tire brand manufactures top-tier tires using the best quality raw materials and state-of-the-art technologies. As a result, their versatile tires allow Michelin to rank among the top tire brands constantly.

What Tire Brands are Made in the USA?

American tire companies have existed for over 100 years. The ones still standing today are Goodyear Tires, Cooper Tires, and Hoosier. However, there are a few foreign tire brands that have factories in the US. They are Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Continental, and Yokohama, just to name a few.

What are the 10 Best Tire Brands of All Time?

The top tires of all time are manufactured by the giants of the tire industry. These tire brands include Michelin, Continental, Goodyear, and Bridgestone. However, in recent years budget-friendly companies have also stepped up their game. Tires from Cooper, General, Hankook, Falken, Venom Power, and Armstrong are also great choices.