Suntek HD Trail Plus Review (14 Ply Trailer Tires)

Posted by Priority Tire on Nov 25th 2022

Suntek HD Trail Plus Review (14 Ply Trailer Tires)

Suntek HD Trail Plus Review (14 Ply Trailer Tires)

Posted by Priority Tire on Nov 25th 2022

Finding the perfect ST tire set for your trailer can be tedious work. Especially, since more tire brands only manufacture a couple of sizes from each trailer tire model, as they are for specific trailer applications.

So, why is the Suntek HD Trail Plus any different? It still only comes in 2 trailer sizes, both for 16-inch rim applications.

You are right, this model is manufactured as 235/80R16 trailer tires and 235/85R16 trailer tires. Nothing more, nothing less. But, give it a chance!

If you need either of these trailer tire sizes and a tire load range G, these Suntek tires might just be the perfect pick. Let us show why exactly this model is exceptional with out trailer tire review.

Quick Review

  • Season: All season
  • Type: Highway
  • Car Type: Trailer
  • Run Flat: NO

Suntek HD Trail Plus

  • Heavy load tires
  • Enahcned towing stability
  • Superb all season grip



The Best Trailer Tires: Suntek HD Trail +

G-rated trailer tires are not exactly hard to come by. Many different tire brands manufacture them all around the world. Yet, we would still like to argue that this Suntek model is still worth the hype.

Apart from its excellent trailer tire load range, the tire still has more to offer. All weather traction, handling, stability, etc. are among its stronger characteristics. But, let's talk about them in more detail...

Year-round Performance and Safety

This Suntek ST trailer tire features a symmetric ribbed tread design. It sports two wider, solid shoulder ribs that maintain surface contact at all times, while the three center ribs feature the detail necessary for better all weather traction.

All of this is molded using a special all season compound, which keeps its flexibility throughout the year. This enables the tire's versatile weather applications as the tire's pliability is maintained even in colder temperatures.

The rib-edge sipe placement creates biting edges, which the tire can use to increase its dry, wet, and winter grip. On the other hand, the deep circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning. They channel water and slush from the footprint, further increasing wet weather traction.

Highway Tire = Towing Stability

The best trailer tire set offers secure performance. When it comes to these Suntek trailer tires, they use their flat footprint to achieve this.

The symmetric ribbed tread design offers consistent surface contact at all times. In this manner, it is able to actively increase its steering responsiveness and driving stability.

But, what does that mean for trailer radial tires?

The flat footprint and the wider shoulder blocks optimize road contact. As a result, the tire is able to securely follow the driving surface throughout its performance. This ensures the towing vehicle's control over the vehicle, by providing ideal steering responses and accuracy.

On the other hand, the radial trailer tire construction and the maintained contact between the tire and the road upgrade driving stability. This is especially important for high speed trailer tire sets. Better stability stabilizes the construction, upgrading driving stability and minimizing the possibility of trailer swaying.

Trailer swaying can be dangerous, as it can easily make the trailer top over. Avoiding it can be tricky at times, but purchasing stable and durable trailer tires is the first step.

Heavy-duty Tire with Excellent Load Capacity

The Suntek HD Trail + are all steel trailer tires. They are all steel types as they feature steel belt reinforcements on top of their casing. However, they are also G load range tires.

Whether you need 235/85R16 trailer tires (14 ply) or 235/80R16 trailer tires (14 ply), this model has you covered. These heavy-duty trailer tires do not deform under load and driving pressure. In other words, it can securely handle larger loads without issues.

Both of these trailer sizes are available with load range G, 14-ply ratings. This gives them enough durability to withstand the trailer's cargo for longer periods of time.

235/80R16 and 235/85R16 G-rated trailer tires can run at 110 psi/tire, which means one trailer tire can handle up to 4,000 lbs. Therefore, if you have four tires mounted on your special trailer, they can withstand up to 16,000 lbs altogether (this includes the weight of the trailer as well).


  • Heavy load tires, upgraded load durability
  • Optimized towing stability and handling
  • Exceptional all season performance


  • Only two, 14-ply trailer tire sizes are available

Product Information

Heavy-duty tires start at load range E trailer tires and go up from there. The Suntek HD Trail Plus is available in only two sizes. These are 235/85R16 and 235/80R16 14-ply trailer tires.

Trailer tires should only be used for special trailer (ST) applications. Trailer tires feature a different construction type that is optimized for hauling heavy loads. These tire models are manufactured for free-rolling axles and they don't withstand the driving pressure in other placements.

Both sizes are M-rated for speed. This means that they belong to the high speed trailer tire size category, as M speed ratings are equivalent to 81 mph. Most trailer tires are not able to safely perform past 65 mph.

Additionally, both 235/80R16 and 235/85R16 trailer tires, load range G are designed to handle larger loads. Let's talk about that in more detail.

Trailer Tire Load Rating

You might ask "what does load range mean on tires?". This is the indication of their ply rating. For more information about tire load range, check out our blog about it.

However, these heavy-duty trailer tires (235/80R16 and 235/85R16) are load range G-rated. The 14-ply trailer tire weight rating is 4,000 lbs per tire.

While the load index of the two trailer tire sizes is slightly different, they are still able to withstand approximately the same weight:

  • ST235/80r16 trailer tires feature a load index of 129/125 = 4,079/3,638 lbg
  • ST 235/85R16 trailer tires have a load index of 132/127 = 4,409/3,858 lbs

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