Premiorri Solazo S Plus Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Jun 13th 2022

Premiorri Solazo S Plus Tire Review

Premiorri Solazo S Plus Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Jun 13th 2022

Looking forward to drive your sports car during the hot summer months? Then you are probably going to need a reliable summer tire! This is your lucky day, because we have found a model that provides the necessary characteristics you need.

The Premiorri Solazo S Plus has a strong lateral grip and a short braking distance, while ensuring consistent traction. This tire gets the job done and it doesn’t cost a fortune either. After looking at dozens of high-performance models here at Priority Tire, we have stumbled upon this one that got pretty good reviews.

By combining what the users say and what we know about it, we managed to put together a comprehensive review. Below, we are going to talk about what the Solazo S Plus has to offer and some of its cons you need to be aware of. Let’s find out whether it’s the right tire to buy for your sports car!

Quick Review:

  • Season: Summer
  • Type: High Performance and Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO

Premiorri Solazo S Plus

  • Summer weather traction
  • High speed controllability
  • Longer lasting tread life


Experience the Premiorri Solazo S Plus

The Premiorri Solazo S Plus comes with surprisingly good qualities compared to its price. It is a model that comes in performance and high-performance sizes and it provides seamless controllability at high speeds. Being able to promptly and precisely maneuver your vehicle is crucial for your driving safety.

It also comes with a tough compound that endures the high-speed driving pressure and heat it is exposed to throughout the performance. The tire promotes an attractive tread pattern that utilizes a high number of biting edges.

Its detailed design comes with the characteristics you need for a safe and enjoyable driving experience. Below, we are going to talk a bit about each main feature so that you can see what this model is capable of!

Engineered for Consistent Summer Traction

The Premiorri Solazo S Plus has a tread that was designed with particular attention to detail. They have maximized the road-to-rubber ratio and also the siping required for a firm grip. It features an asymmetric pattern, with cross-linking elements, and added silica in the compound.

The silica is a very important ingredient, as it prevents heat build-up through the drive, while improving the tire’s grip on the asphalt. The heat-resistant rubber blend optimizes the tire’s summer performance. The tire maintains the level of flexibility needed for a safe driving experience thanks to its compound.

The tread footprint comes with four circumferential grooves that partially channel water away from the footprint on rainy days. Since the grooves do not completely prevent hydroplaning, the tire becomes a bit harder to control in wet conditions. If you choose the Premiorri Solazo S Plus, we recommend you to keep a moderate speed on those rainy days. This way, you will be able to have better control over your sports car.

Ease of Control at High Speeds

With its asymmetric tread pattern, the Premiorri Solazo S Plus maximizes the surface contact. It boasts a big road-to-rubber ratio which, with the wide tread footprint, stabilizes the tire against the asphalt surface. This boosts its driving stability and also enables you to seamlessly control your vehicle while relying on fast and precise steering responses.

The three center ribs play a huge role in maintaining the tire’s stability. Meanwhile, the shoulder ribs with the pattern of lateral sipes and notches establish a strong grip with the road surface during cornering. This is what makes this model so agile, making it able to take sharp turns at higher than usual speeds.

The biting edges and the footprint detail both largely improve the tire’s maneuverability. Besides the tough rubber compound, the tire also comes with a strengthened structure that makes it able to endure huge driving pressures.

Slow and Even Tread Wear for a Long Tread Life

We have already talked about the wide range of benefits that the Premiorri Solazo S Plus has to offer, due to its rubber blend and tread design. But that’s not all, because they also thought about longevity when developing the tire.

The rubber compound is tough and wear-resistant. This ensures that the tread elements are in a good shape in the long run. It slows down tread wear and prevents irregular wear formations. The tread design also plays a huge role in this, as the tread elements form a completely flat footprint.

It evenly distributes load and driving pressure, preventing deformations and pressure build-up. In fact, the Solazo S Plus evenly circulates the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering as well throughout the drive. Due to these features, you can absolutely count on its performing ability and long-term usability.


- Consistent dry traction

- Slow tread wear

- Outstanding dry and wet braking

- High-speed handling


- Inconsistent wet grip

- Average wet braking properties

Product Information

The Premiorri Solaxo S Plus is one of those performance and high performance tires that can be installed on passenger cars and SUVs. It comes in rim sizes that vary from 15 to 20 inches, covering a rather wide range. Each size comes with its own characteristics, allowing you to find the perfect one for your sports car.

When it comes to speed rating, most of them are W and V sizes, while there is a H-rated one as well. These signify the model’s high-speed driving pressure tolerance. A H speed rating means you can drive your vehicle with a maximum speed of 130 mph (210 kmh). Sizes with a V speed rating allow a 149 mph (240 kmh) maximum speed, while the ones with a W allow 168 mph (270 kmh).

Load indexes for the Premiorri Solazo S Plus vary between 88 and 109. A load index of 88 has a 1235 lbs (560 kgs) load carrying capacity, while a 109 rated one can carry 2271 lbs (1030 kgs). Depending on how much your vehicle weighs, you can choose the appropriate tire. The recommended load index for your car can be found in its manual.

The model features a highly adaptive rubber blend that can deal with the pressure of driving and the heat build-up. This makes it a durable tire that offers the characteristics needed for a good summer tire.

Is the Premiorri Solazo S Plus the Right Tire for You?

With the Premiorri Solazo S Plus, you are not only buying a high-performance tire but also one that ensures a long tread life. Its premium compound and detailed tread stabilize the tire on the road and guarantee even wear. You can rest assured that its tread elements are going to stay in good shape in the long run.

What you get is a tire that deals with all conditions of high-speed driving during hot summer days. Its dry traction is simply unparalleled, although the tire leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to driving on wet roads. It is definitely not the worst, but at high speeds, you need to watch how you maneuver your vehicle.

Other than that, the Premiorri Solazo S Plus is a great bang for your buck. According to reviews, it is widely praised for its fuel-effectiveness as well. It has a relatively low rolling resistance, which makes it one of the more environmentally friendly options out there. 

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