JK Tyre UX1 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Feb 14th 2022

JK Tyre UX1 Tire Review

JK Tyre UX1 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Feb 14th 2022

Finding the perfect set of performance tires for your car can be tricky. They tend to be on the expensive side and, if you are buying on a budget, it will significantly narrow the possibilities.

Yet, that does not mean that cheaper tires which offer high speed durability are bad. In fact, there are some models that combine their performing capacity, controllability, and traction to provide the vehicle with a secure drive.

But, how do you know which are these good-quality budget high performance tires?

That is why Priority Tire is here! Let us help you.

Furthermore, allow us a few minutes of your time and let us introduce you to the JK Tyre UX1 model!

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Performance and High Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger vehicles and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes (Check Price)

Experience the JK Tyre UX1

The JK Tyre UX1 is a performance and high performance tire model, which provides excellent all season traction. It utilizes its asymmetric tread design and all season compound in order to ensure its exceptional performing capabilities.

However, what exactly does this tire offer when it is mounted on a vehicle?

All Season Traction and Performance

This model is marketed for year round use. In other words, according to JK Tyre the UX1 provides great traction in dry, wet, and winter weather situations.

This tire was manufactured with an asymmetric tread design which was molded from an all season compound. This combination helps it to enhance the number of biting edges gripping the road surface. The asymmetric pattern’s notch and groove placement helps to increase the tire’s overall gripping capability. However, it does not feature enough details to be able to conquer harsher winter situations.

The compound’s rubber flexibility is optimized throughout the year. In other words, it effectively keeps the JK Tyre UX1 pliable in warmer and colder temperatures equally. This helps to ensure the tire’s secure performance when temperatures drop, but there is still no ice or snow located on the road surfaces.

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The four circumferential grooves and the open shoulder detail on one side of the tread further increases the wet traction. They effectively channel water and slush from the footprint, preventing them from blocking the tire’s surface contact. As a result, hydroplaning – which is the most dangerous road hazard – is avoided. This makes sure the driver can have full control over the vehicle even in wet situations, which results in the safer performing capability.

High speed Controllability and Maneuvering

This tire truly excels in its handling and high speed performance. It uses its optimally designed footprint and stronger construction to achieve exceptional performing abilities.

So, how does this actually work?

The asymmetric tread design maximizes the JK Tyre UX1’s road contact area, which maintains a consistent surface contact as a result. This improves the tire’s steering responsiveness and driving stability greatly. In other words, the tire manages to ensure the driver’s control over the vehicle with a quick and precise steering response. It also strengthens the structural integrity, preventing the sidewall’s deformation and significantly strengthening the performing safety.

The shoulder block pattern and the ideal sidewall flexing work together. They enhance the cornering ability by generating a higher number of biting edges that grip the road surface. The better flexing allows the tire to ensure its consistent road contact even when turning. Utilizing the mix of these improvements, the tire offers excellent cornering and maneuvering capabilities.

Additionally, braking is also improved. The ideal groove pattern and notch placement work together to achieve this. They generate friction at the moment of braking, significantly shortening the overall stopping distance. This stronger braking capacity allows the JK Tyre UX1 to greatly improve its driving safety levels in versatile weather conditions.

Lastly, the tire also ensures exceptional high speed durability. The heat-resistant compound, the flexible sidewalls, and stronger structure manage to ensure a safer performing capability. The construction does not deform under the high speed pressure, while the compound effectively prevents heat build-up across the tread area. This combination significantly increases the tire’s overall durability, enabling the tire to perform at its best high speed capability.

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Enhanced Comfort Levels

High driving comfort levels are guaranteed with the JK Tyre UX1. The tread design features a variable pitch sequence which optimizes the road noise levels while the tires are in motion.

In other words, the variable pattern generates a sound frequency during the drive. This frequency effectively negates the sound waves created, before they can reach the vehicle’s cabin. Since road and tread pattern noise does not reach the passengers, they cannot ruin the overall driving enjoyment. As a result, the JK Tyre UX1 promotes a quiet driving experience.


  • Good all season traction
  • Upgraded high speed controllability
  • Better driving comfort levels


  • Not the best winter traction

Product Information

When it comes to the JK Tyre UX1, it is available for passenger vehicles and SUVs. This model is manufactured in sizes for 15-18 rim diameters. This makes it a perfect fit for versatile vehicles models.

Furthermore, the model’s speed ratings range between H, V, and W. This means that the JK Tyre UX1 belongs to the performance and high performance category. The speed rating indicates the highest speed pressure the tire can handle safely. Therefore, H speed rated tires can reach 130 mph safely, V speed ratings can withstand 149 mph, while W tires belong to the high performance category with their 168 mph durability.

On the other hand, their load index makes these tires sizes fit for passenger cars and smaller SUVs. This number notes the max load capacity of one tire. The JK Tyre UX1 is available in sizes with the load index ranging between 81 and 104.

This model utilizes its all season compound, flexible construction, and asymmetric tread design to provide its excellent performance.

Is the JK Tyre UX1 the Right Tire for You?

If you are looking for a budget-friendly high performance tire, the JK Tyre UX1 might be the right fit for you.

For passenger vehicles and SUVs, used in everyday applications, it is the perfect tire. Its handling and high speed performance is excellent, ensuring your control over the vehicle throughout the drive. When it comes to performance tires, they must have good handling. The JK Tyre UX1 offers just that: sharp handling, better cornering, and decreased braking, in addition to its high speed durability.

While the tire does not offer true year round traction – as it will not handle harsh winter conditions well – it will still offer great cold weather performance. This makes the JK Tyre UX1 perfect for areas where light or mild winter conditions rule.

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