Haida Racing HD921 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Jul 26th 2022

Haida Racing HD921 Tire Review

Haida Racing HD921 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Jul 26th 2022

Priority Tire is here with another suggestion for the hot summer months! This article is for those who are looking for a quality racing tire for their sports cars. Let us introduce you to the Haida Racing HD921, a tire you can dominate the road with, without depleting your budget.

This model offers the high-speed durability and rubber softness you need for an unforgettable driving experience. It offers a decent performance even in massive rain, running smoothly on wet surfaces. You can count on its ability to stick to the road surface like it was glued to it.

We can confidently say that the HD921 is one of those summer tires that can keep up with your vehicle’s performance, no matter how hard you step on the gas pedal. If you are interested in the specifics, just keep reading.

Quick Review:

  • Season: Summer
  • Type: High Performance and Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO

Haida Racing HD921

  • Summer weather traction
  • Precise steering responsiveness
  • Longer lasting tread life
  • Rim protector


Experience the Haida Racing HD921

We can confidently say that the Haida Racing HD921 offers the most important tire characteristics needed for the summer season. It comes with an impressive price-to-value ratio and a wide range of performance and high-performance sizes to choose from.

This way, Haida Tires guarantees that you can find the perfect size, speed rating, and load index for your own passenger car or SUV. They paid particular attention to developing a tire that obeys the driver’s commands. It guarantees seamless maneuverability, even on the sizzling hot asphalt.

The detailed, directional tread pattern ensures driving safety and thorough hydroplaning resistance. The attractive tread design will optimize your vehicle’s handling and summer traction. Meanwhile, it significantly reduces fuel consumption and offers a high mileage.

Now, for such an affordable price, it is not all sunshine and roses. Although this model from Haida comes with some sporty characteristics, it has its own downside. It tends to be noisy on dry roads, which is a bit of a disappointment if you are looking for a quiet tire. Let’s delve a bit deeper in the details and explore the most important characteristics this tire has to offer.

Superb Summer Performance

The Haida Racing HD921 promotes a unique tread pattern for the summer season. Its irregular-shaped blocks populate the tread with biting edges that improve the tire’s gripping ability. Together with the versatile rubber compound, it absolutely dominates dry and wet roads.

Just by looking at the tire, you can already see that the tread elements follow a directional pattern. This comes in handy on those rainy days, when the risk of side-slipping is especially high. Every single tread block is shaped and arranged to channel water away from the footprint.

What makes the tire’s self-cleaning ability so efficient are the four circumferential grooves. They enable the model to maintain constant contact with the road surface, as water never gets in-between the road and the tire’s contact patch. These are the advantages of the clever tread design you get from Haida Tires.

Environmentally Friendly with Low Rolling Resistance

With the Racing HD921, Haida Tires has introduced a rubber blend that reduces the tire’s overall weight. Their aim was to produce an environmentally-friendly tire that performs well during steaming hot summers. Now, that might seem like a lot to ask from a tire for such a low price, but they lived up to the expectations.

They have created a tire that boasts a low rolling resistance, meaning that it requires less towing to maintain its speed. This enables you to save a lot of fuel in the long run, resulting in lowered CO2 emissions. With a lower rolling resistance, the tread is also going to wear slower.

Tough and Computer-Optimized Tread for Long Tread Life

The Racing HD921 from Haida Tires features a five-rib tread design that prevents pressure accumulation. It evenly circulates the forces of cornering, braking, and acceleration to make sure that the tread wears evenly throughout the drive. All details you can see on the tread are computer-optimized in order to guarantee a long tread life.

This way, the manufacturer has eliminated the possibility of premature- and uneven wear. You can expect even distribution of pressure from this model most of the time, even during sharp cornering. Although the Racing HD921 comes with a summer compound, it is also tough when needed. It slows down tread wear to ensure high mileage, allowing you to take many long trips.

Precise Steering with the Directional Tread Design

The Haida Racing HD921 features a continuous center rib that enhances its handling ability. With the other tread elements forming a flat footprint, the tire is always well-balanced on the asphalt. It features a tread that evenly distributes load and driving pressure, significantly boosting driving stability.

Stability is very important for your vehicle, as it allows you to have full control over it. This model will allow you to seamlessly control your sports car even at high speeds. It enables you to rely on fast and precise responses when steering with the wheel, which also boosts your driving safety overall.


  • Impressive grip on hot and dry surfaces
  • Good handling on wet pavement
  • Great aggressive driving performance
  • Slow and even tread wear


  • Noisy on dry surfaces
  • Sensitive to uneven roads

Product Information

The Haida Racing HD921 is a performance and high performance, summer tire manufactured for passenger cars and SUVs. This model from Haida Tires comes in rim sizes that range from 14 all the way up to 24 inches. They offer a huge list of sizes and various tire characteristics to satisfy the needs of as many sports car drivers as possible.

There is some diversity in the speed rating as well, some sizes being Y (300 kmh or 186 mph) and H (210 mph or 130 kmh), while the vast majority of them are W (270 mph or 168 kmh) and V (240 mph or 149 kmh). These are safe limits, meaning you can drive at these exact speeds without pushing the tire’s limits too much.

The load index for this model varies between 78 (937 lbs or 425 kgs) and 117 (2833 lbs or 1285 kgs). This ensures that the model is suitable for heavier SUVs and lighter sports cars as well. You can find the recommended load index for your own car in the vehicle manual.

The Racing HD921 from Haida Tires is specially designed for summer use. Its compound and tread pattern are not suitable for winter weather conditions. This is just the basic difference between all season and summer tires.

Is the Haida Racing HD921 the Right Tire for You?

With the Haida Racing HD921, you can test your vehicle’s speed limits for tens of thousands of miles to come. This model promises a long tread life with its tough summer compound and carefully designed footprint. The flat footprint won’t let the tire develop irregular wear formations.

Instead, the tread is going to wear evenly and in a slow pace. Meanwhile, it is going to provide the optimal stickiness needed depending on the current temperature. There will be no heat build-up, as the tread is going to evenly distribute load and driving pressure between all tread elements across the tread.

The Haida Racing HD921 has the structure and the compound durability required to excel at high speeds. As you step on the gas pedal, the driving conditions get more and more challenging for your tires. This model is going to endure that pressure, including the forces of braking, acceleration, and cornering. 

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