Haida HD878 R/T Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Aug 9th 2022

Haida HD878 R/T Tire Review

Haida HD878 R/T Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Aug 9th 2022

Rugged terrain tires are quickly becoming the norm on the tire market. They combine off-road traction with on-road comfort, which makes them perfect for many vehicle owners. However, these models usually come with higher price tags attached to them.

Therefore, the journey begins to find budget-friendly rugged terrain tire options. This is where Haida comes into play.

Meet the Haida HD878 R/T: a rugged terrain, all season tire that is manufactured for versatile SUVs and light trucks. This model offers most characteristics that higher-end models do, without completely deflating your bank account. What exactly does this Haida tire offer?

Let’s take a look.

Quick Review:

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Rugged Terrain
  • Car Type: Light Trucks and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO

Haida HD878 R/T

  • Rugged terrain traction
  • Self-cleaning tread design
  • Damage resistance
  • Longer lasting tread life


Experience the Haida HD878 R/T

When it comes to the capabilities of the Haida HD878 R/T, there are a few things to consider. This model provides exceptional traction throughout the year and on versatile terrain surfaces. Apart from this, its controllability and service life are also optimized.

But, how is this possible?

Well, simply put its excellent performance is made possible with the aggressive tread design, stronger sidewalls, and durable compound blend. This combination guarantees the tire’s safer performance. Let’s take a closer look at what exactly this tire offers.

Rugged Terrain Performance

Haida designed the HD878 R/T with a special 3D tread pattern. The 3D elements across the aggressive footprint provide the necessary traction during its versatile terrain performance. They strongly grip the driving surface by generating additional biting edges.

What does this mean in relation to the tire’s performance?

The optimized tread elements ensure the HD878 R/T’s secure on- and off-road application. The 3D elements create the traction needed to guarantee forward motion on various soft, loose, and uneven terrain surfaces. Additionally, its on-road drive is also enabled.

Lastly, the tread elements also offer exceptional self-cleaning capabilities. The wide grooves, staggered blocks, and 3D elements eliminate mud, snow, and rocks stuck in the footprint. As a result, mud and snow do not pack between the tread elements and block the surface contact, further enhancing the tire’s driving safety levels.

Excellent On-road Comfort

Rugged terrain tires also ensure high driving comfort levels throughout its on-road drive. That is where their secret is: they offer the best off-road traction without sacrificing on-road comfort.

Therefore, these Haida tires are no different. Haida RT models utilize different technologies to make this possible. The HD878 R/T’s 3D tread block placement reduces road and tread pattern noise reaching the vehicle’s cabin. While the tires are in motion, this pattern channels airwaves through the footprint, preventing sound wave formations.

As sound waves do not reach the vehicle’s cabin, the passengers’ driving enjoyment is guaranteed.

Elongated Tread Life and Usability

Haida tires are known for their durability, without breaking the bank. They offer budget-friendly options for your light trucks and SUVs, while also bringing quality. Therefore, when it comes to the service life of the Haida HD878 R/T, it optimizes its tread wear and promotes damage resistance.

The stability of the footprint, the deeper grooves, and wear-resistant compound materials optimize the tread wear rate. They effectively combat premature and irregular wear along the tread area. This combination makes sure the tire significantly boosts its overall usability.

Furthermore, these Haida tires also guarantee excellent damage resistance. It was manufactured with a special anti-collision sidewall design in order to avoid punctures, impact damage, cuts, etc. In other words, external damage cannot shorten the tire’s service life.


  • Rugged, off-road terrain traction
  • Better on-road comfort levels
  • Lengthened service life


  • Not the best wet and winter traction

Product Information:

Light truck Haida tires are usually available in a wider tire size range. This is also true for the HD878 R/T. The tire is manufactured in P-metric and LT sizes, which should be mounted on SUVs and light trucks respectively.

The Haida HD878 R/T is created in 16–20-inch rim sizes, which gives a wide size option for vehicle owners. Find the tire size you need among Haida tires and get the best prices possible at Priority Tire. So, there are the sizes, but what about the load and speed ratings?

Most sizes of the HD878 R/T are designed with Q speed ratings, but some are available with S and T as well. This means that Q-rated tires can handle speeds of 99 mph (160 km/h), S-rated ones offer 112 mph (180km/h), while T-rated sizes can handle 118 mph (190 km/h). This means that the HD878 R/T is a bit of a slower tire, yet its true worth comes with its load capacity.

Needless to say, that SUV and Light Truck tires offer better load disabilities. The HD878 R/T also excels in this regard! It comes with a 114-121 load capacity. These load ratings mean that the tire sizes can handle loads between 2,601 lbs. to 3,197 lbs. per tire, depending on the size of the tire you need.

The model was designed with a 3D tread pattern, which reaches the sidewalls in order to increase its versatile terrain traction, year-round grip, handling, tread life length, and damage resistance.

Is the Haida HD878 R/T the Right Tire for You?

Now, the question still remains of whether the Haida HD878 R/T is good for you or not.

If the qualities of the HD878 R/T are what you are looking for, this tire will definitely work for you. When it comes to its on- and off-road terrain traction, all season performance, and lengthened tread life, this tire will give its all! Secure driving is guaranteed on versatile surfaces and in different weather conditions. Additionally, its optimal tread design will ensure its usability and damage resistance.

However, while these tires are exceptional for off-road use, they are not the best for heavy-duty applications. The load rating range only goes up to 121. This is usually enough for various light trucks, but it will not be able to handle larger loads for longer periods of time.

Therefore, it will greatly depend on different aspects – mainly of what you expect.

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