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Goodyear Assurance All Season Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo on Oct 31st 2022

Goodyear Assurance All Season Tire Review

Goodyear Assurance All Season Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo at Priority Tire on Oct 31st 2022

All weather tires that offer snow traction? Yes, please!

It is often a headache to find good-quality all season tires that are able to provide at least minimal traction in winter conditions. But, Goodyear is here to save the day.

Still, finding the perfect Goodyear Touring Tires among its vast lineup can be difficult. This is where Priority Tire comes in to introduce you to Goodyear's Assurance All-Season model: a touring, all season tire like no other.

Let us guide you through this Goodyear Assurance tire review and see whether this touring tire is for you.

Quick Review:

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: High Performance and Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger Cars and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO

Goodyear Assurance All Season

  • Year-round traction
  • Higher driving comfort levels
  • 65,000 mile treadwear warranty
  • Upgraded controllability


Experience the Goodyear Assurance All-Season

When most of us think about all season car tires, snow traction is often not among the characteristics. However, tires now are manufactured with different technologies to ensure their secure performance throughout the year.

Among such touring tires, you can find the Goodyear Assurance All-Season model. This is one of the brand's most popular top-shelf tires, that might just be your next tire set.

Learn about this tire and all it has to offer by reading our Goodyear Assurance All Season review, here at Priority Tire! Let's start...

The Best All Season Car Tires

Goodyear Tires uses a symmetric ribbed tread design to ensure exceptional year-round performance. This footprint features multiple biting edges in the form of grooves, notches, and sipes. These work together with the durable all season compound to further increase its traction.

But, how exactly do these Goodyear Assurance tires work?

A flexible rubber compound blend is molded into a detailed, symmetric pattern. This Goodyear compound keeps the Assurance All Season tires pliable throughout the year. Summer and winter months are easily conquered in this manner, as the compound doesn't lose its flexibility.

On the other hand, the multiple biting edges along the footprint firmly grip the road surface. They enhance dry, wet, and winter weather performance, making these the best tires for SUV and passenger car applications. Additionally, this optimal tread design is able to safely perform on snow-covered road surfaces as well.

SUV and passenger tire models must offer superb wet traction. This is necessary in order to avoid hydroplaning in rainy conditions. The Assurance All Season is a touring tire that uses its wider circumferential grooves to disperse water and slush from the footprint. This effectively upgrades its wet weather performance.

Quality Tires Offer Comfort

A quiet SUV tire used to be a sweet dream for vehicle owners. Yet, it is possible with the Goodyear Assurance® All-Season, which reduces road noise for SUVs and passenger cars alike.

Nowadays, the best truck tire brands do all they can to minimize road noise and vibration levels reaching the vehicle's cabin. Goodyear achieved with in two ways.

The Assurance All Season was manufactured with a variable pitch sequence along its footprint. As a result, this touring tire is able to generate a special sound-canceling frequency. This negates sound waves created while the tires are in motion, preventing them from reaching the vehicle's cabin.

On the other hand, vibrations are also minimized. The best touring tire models feature stronger internal structures, even if they are just regular all season car tires. Therefore, this Goodyear Assurance tire manages to lower vibration levels with its polyester cord body and twin steel belt internal structure that absorb the driving shock.

Therefore, Goodyear Tires manages to manufacture touring tires that ensure the best comfort levels at all times.

Touring Tire Handling

The Goodyear Assurance All Season features large shoulder blocks. They enhance footprint stability and guarantee the touring tire's consistent surface contact. The best all season tire model has guarantee the driver's better control over the vehicle at all times.

So, how does this Goodyear Assurance tire achieve this?

The short answer is: with its before-mentioned stable shoulder blocks.

The optimized shoulder block placement ensures the tire's surface contact, which enhances its steering responsiveness and driving stability. Vehicles need to respond to steering instructions quickly and with precision while maintaining their structural integrity. The Goodyear Assurance All-Season does just that.

Furthermore, a good-quality tire will also increase its maneuvering. The larger shoulder block placement provides the biting edges necessary for better cornering. By providing this, these Goodyear tires are the best tires for controllability among their touring lineup.


  • Best tires for the money in Goodyear's touring lineup
  • A quiet SUV tire, which can be a rarety
  • Superb all season car tires


  • The tires can wear quickly

Goodyear Tire Warranty

As one of the leading tire manufacturing brands in the world, Goodyear has earned its place in the tire market. Not only do they offer exceptional-quality tires, but they back them up with treadwear warranties as well.

The Assurance All-Season, is one of the best Goodyear all season tires available on the market at the moment. This tire model is sold with an astounding 65,000 mile treadwear warranty. While this is not the highest warranty the brand offers, it is still pretty good. Especially when you consider this touring tire's price range.

Product Infomation

Will the Goodyear Assurance All-Season work for your vehicle?

Well, that depends on a few factors. First off, Goodyear manufactures the Assurance All Season in a wide size range. Its lineup consists of 15-20-inch rim diameter sizes. Among these tire sizes, you will be able to find the perfect match for various SUVs and passenger cars.

Additionally, as they are SUV and passenger tire models, their speed and load ratings reflect this as well. They sport the usual speed ratings of touring tires, namely T, H, and V. This means that their speed capacity ranges between 118 mph (T), 130 mph (H), and 149 mph (V).

As mentioned before, Goodyear Tires offers a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty with this model. This promotes a lengthened usability, while its optimized footprint is responsible for its performance and durability.

The Goodyear Assurance All-Season will work for the every driver looking for the best quiet ride, without sacrificing on traction and controllability.

Check out Priority Tire's Goodyear tire stock for more Goodyear tires.


Where are Goodyear Tires Made?

Goodyear is a US-based company. Yet, they have tire manufacturing factories across the world. Their plants are located on multiple continents in various countries - including, but not limited to: the USA, Canada, various European countries, China, India, South Africa, Malaysia, Peru, Brazil, and Chile.

Do All Season Tires Work in Snow?

Typically, all season tires do not offer good traction in ice and snow. While their compounds are able to keep the rubber pliable in below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, their tread patterns do not feature the detail needed for deep snow. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and some all season tires are able to offer adequate snow grip.

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