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Fullway HS266 Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo on Mar 7th 2022

Fullway HS266 Tire Review

Fullway HS266 Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo at Priority Tire on Mar 7th 2022

The market offers a huge number of performance tires. There are various brands with different models drawing your attention to the best capabilities of their tires. But how to be sure whether the tire you are looking at really meets your expectations or not?

By looking at hundreds of tires and evaluating the pros and cons, we have found the ones that are worth recommending. Today, we are going to talk about a tire that comes with some great features, while also going easy on your wallet.

The Fullway HS266 offers the degree of controllability, traction and driving comfort you are looking for. Here at Priority Tire, we are always ready to elaborate on what the tire in question has to offer and why it is worth your money. Without further ado, let’s see what we have here!

Quick Review:

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Performance and High Performance
  • Car Type: SUV
  • Run Flat: NO
  • In Stock: Yes (Check Price)

Experience the Fullway HS266

The Fullway HS266 is a model that mainly falls in the performance category, but still offers a couple of sizes that are high performance. Due to its tread compound and pattern, it offers reliable traction in all weather conditions.

Its directional tread promotes a high number of biting edges that are essential for the tire’s road gripping ability. Just by taking a look at the tread, we can see that each tread element has its own function.

Below, we are going to talk about the role of the tread design, the compound, and the structure in improving your driving experience.

All Weather Traction and Performance

The Fullway HS266 is designed to ensure consistent traction all year. Its tread blocks are arranged in a way to form a directional tread pattern. Combined with the sipe- and groove pattern, the tread is fully optimized for consistent grip in rain and snow.

Read more about how tire siping contributes to a better grip, hydroplaning prevention, and more in our article!

The reason why this is important is because traction basically means safety for the driver. As long as it is maintained, the vehicle remains controllable and more resistant to side-slipping. It guarantees forward motion no matter the weather conditions.

But the tread pattern is not the only factor when it comes to traction. The all season compound also plays a huge role in improving dry, wet, and winter weather grip. It gives the tire the ability to adapt to different temperatures, maintaining its flexibility throughout the performance.

The third thing that enhances all season traction is the groove placement. Water and slush can seamlessly escape on the sides due to the open shoulders. All the grooves are connected with each other, channeling the obstructing elements sideways from the tread center and preventing hydroplaning.

High Speed Handling and Performance

The Fullway HS266 is carefully designed for better controllability. The secret lies in the dense arrangement of the tread elements. The tread blocks are positioned to maximize contact with the road surface.

The result of the bigger road contact is, most importantly, enhanced steering responsiveness. This guarantees that the vehicle reacts faster to the driver’s commands. Another great benefit is stability, which largely contributes to a safer driving experience.

Due to the tire’s siping pattern and large number of blocks, the tread has a lot of biting edges to utilize. This not only improves grip but also makes cornering safer when going at high speeds and reduces braking distance.

Since the tread generates so much friction with the road surface, maneuvering becomes less risky. The wide, flat footprint and the elevated shoulders also help with cornering by keeping the tire completely stable.

On the other hand, in order to fully count on this stability, you need to balance the tires properly on the vehicle. Unfortunately, this sometimes requires some extra effort with these tires. Once they are balanced, you can fully count on them.

Upgraded Comfort Levels

One of the reasons why the Fullway HS266 has such a detailed tread pattern is because it features a variable pitch. This feature ensures a quiet and enjoyable driving experience. By minimizing the vibrations generated by the tread, less noise will reach the vehicle cabin.

As we mentioned, the directional tread is multi-functional, and one of its benefits is lowered road noise. The dynamic behind it is that the variable pitch also generates noise in the form of a special sound frequency.

Combined with the road and tread pattern noise, they negate each other and the resulting noise is significantly weaker. This is especially crucial when going at high speeds, as the tire would simply be too loud without this type of sipe- and groove pattern.

The Fullway HS266 is still noticeably louder at high speeds than some of the similar, more expensive tires available in the market. However, considering its affordability and other great characteristics, this is still acceptable in our opinion.

If you are interested in what technologies are effective at reducing road noise, make sure to read our article about quiet tires.


  • Unbeatable all weather traction
  • Easily controllable at high speeds
  • Enhanced driving comfort with little to no vibrations


  • A bit louder than the high-budget models in the same category
  • Requires some extra effort to balance them properly on the vehicle

Product Information

The Fullway HS266 is a model that can be installed on SUVs and small trucks. It is available in rim sizes that range from 20 to 30 inches. A large number of vehicle models fall in this category, making it easier for customers to find the perfect tire.

Speed ratings for performance sizes vary between H and V, while it is W for high performance tires. This is also why the Fullway HS266 comes with a high speed pressure tolerance. An H speed rating means that you can drive the vehicle at a 130 mph speed. A V speed rating allows 149, while a W allows 168 mph.

The load index of this model ranges for 103 to 118, which makes it suitable for SUVs and small trucks. These numbers note the tire’s load carrying ability.

This model features an all season compound, a directional tread, a solid structure, and detailed tread pattern. With these features in mind, you can definitely count on the performance it provides.

Is the Fullway HS266 the Right Tire for You?

The Fullway HS266 is one of those budget-friendly performance and high performance tires that offer great value.

After all, there are only two small downsides. One is the tire being a bit louder at high speeds, as its variable pitch becomes less effective as you accelerate. The other is the extra attention needed when balancing the tires, as they are not that straightforward to balance.

Other than that, the Fullway HS266 promotes a range of other features that make it an awesome tire in our opinion. The price to value ratio makes it an outstanding choice for your own SUV. The flat tread footprint with the tread pattern maximizes driving safety by enhancing stability.

Good handling is a must-have for performance cars, as reliability is key when you drive fast. You can absolutely count on the cornering and braking ability of this tire. Its tread is carefully designed and massive, resulting in exceptional driving stability.

All in all, the Fullway HS266 offers everything you can expect from a low-budget performance tire, and more. 

Fullway HS266 tire
  • All weather traction
  • Enhanced controllability
  • Comfortable performance
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