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Find the Best Tires Among Pricey and Affordable Tire Brands

It is hard to determine which are the best tires, especially when taking the cheap vs expensive tires into account. The goal usually is to purchase quality tires for less, but that doesn't always happen.

Some high-end tires wear out quickly, while the cheapest tire brands are not the safest. The answer to "how much do new tires cost?" is an interesting one as well, since many factors need to be taken into account.

But, let's discuss cheap tires vs expensive tires!

How Much Do New Tires Cost?

How much a full set of tires cost greatly depends on what type they are. It should go without saying that touring, high performance, and all terrain, etc. are sold at different prices.

So, let's simplify things and focus on "how much are new tires for a car?"

The best-rated tires tend to be more experienced. If we take a touring, all season Michelin tire, the prices will depend on the specific Michelin lineup you wish to purchase. Michelin tire prices range between $90-$530 (depending on the size, and if they are entry series tires or premium tires), but the average cost of new tires from this brand is about $200 per tire.

However, you can purchase good cheap tires as well, which are sold at lower prices by lesser-known brands. The best budget tires still have to offer adequate performance. Of course, they won't perform at well as top tires. Yet, purchasing underrated tires will often help you save money as the average price for tires is around $75 per tire.

The Problem With Buying Super Cheap Tires

When looking for new tires, most tire shops will advise you to steer clear of cheap tires/brands. However, are all cheap tires really that bad?

Well, the best tire for the money will provide optional traction, braking, and handling, among other things. But the problems start when you go for the absolute cheapest tire brands.

While not all cheap tires are bad, there are some tires to avoid that come at lower price ranges. The worst tires come at unreasonably low prices, but they sacrifice some things to get there. Namely, they use bad-quality rubber compounds that compromise traction and lengthen the braking distance.

A good way to determine which tires are not worth the price is to look at their UTQG rating. This is the tire's tread, temperature, and traction rating that categorizes a tire's performance and durability. The difference between cheap and expensive tires' UTQG rating is what we should look at before purchasing new tires.

A car sliding on snowy roads due to bad tires

The Best Tires for the Money

Considering how expensive are tires nowadays, buying cheap tires has almost become the norm. A good price for tires that is actually worth it is mid-range tires. A low-cost tire is only as good as its performance and durability.

Arguably, the best cheap tire brands are the ones that offer decreased prices, without diminishing tire quality. Therefore, checking out mid-range tires is a great option.

When it comes to non-specialized drivers, good tires vs bad tires are not that prevalent. Of course, we do not mean the dirt-cheap tire brand options. The best tires on a budget are the mid-range ones. But why?

These are safe tires that are able to perform as well as premium tires do. Yet, they come at lower prices, since their quality is not considered sub-par. Tire differences between top and mid-range models are not that relevant for everyday drivers.

Tires stored properly

Buy Tires for Less by Looking at the Quality

Most of us wish to purchase the best quality tires for less. Tires are something we buy over and over again. Even if we change our vehicles over the years, they will still need tires!

Tires tend to be expensive. For this reason, it is important to think about what quality you wish to purchase. Looking at the quality of the tires you are purchasing, can easily determine if you cheap or expensive tires are more worth it for you.

For example, a good-quality cheap tire you can find at Priority Tire is the Fullway HP108.

This is a high performance, all season tire model that retails for $50-$205, depending on the tire size. Fullway manufactures this tire is a wide range of sizes.

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The Most Expensive Tires Are Not Always the Best Tires

So, good tires for cheap are hard to find, and top-of-the-line tires are worth the price, right?

Well, not necessarily. Let us explain why...

When it comes to expensive tires, they perform better when they are new compared to affordable car tires. That much is true. However, when their tread pattern starts wearing, their performance significantly diminishes. In other words, they will not be able to provide the same traction and handling levels as before.

On the other hand, the best inexpensive tires promote consistency. Their performance remains largely the same even after their footprint starts wearing. Therefore, they will offer better driving safety for longer periods of time.

Find the Best Value Tires by Doing Your Research

It is most important to account for factors like warranties and durability when purchasing a new tire set. The best tires for high mileage might wear out quickly in the area where you live. For this reason, it is crucial to look for reviews of the tires you wish to purchase.

Make a list of questions you want the answers to. These should include the tire's mileage, what suits your vehicle, and driving style. Knowing what you are looking for will improve your changes of purchasing good-quality tires for less.

tires with different tread patterns

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Best Tire Brand?

Arguably, Michelin is one of the best tire brands currently manufacturing tires. However, other brands are also considered worth the price, including Continental, Cooper, Yokohama, Goodyear, and Bridgestone. These tires offer the best tires to get, but they are more expensive.

Does Tire Brand Matter?

No, often tire brand does not matter. While it gives you an estimate of the prices, you do not need to purchase a specific tire brand for your vehicle. As long as the new tires match the needs of the car, you can purchase any tires you wish, including ones made by cheap tire brands.

Are Expensive Tires Worth It?

Whether expensive tires are worth it or not greatly depends on the type of tire brand you get. Often, high-end tires provide better handling, traction, tread life, etc. However, at times the best quality tire sets are not manufactured by the most expensive tire brands. Mid-range tires seem to be the best.

How to Know What Tires to Buy?

You can easily figure out what tires to purchase by checking your vehicle's owner's manual, door jamb placard, or your current tires. This will let you know the tire size you need and the tire type you should look into. After that, the trick is to find cheap, but good tires.