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Cosmo Mud Kicker Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo on Sep 19th 2022

Cosmo Mud Kicker Tire Review

Cosmo Mud Kicker Tire Review

Posted by Agota Szabo at Priority Tire on Sep 19th 2022

Strong off-road traction is necessary with all mud terrain tires! But, which manufacturer should you consider?

How about giving a chance to Cosmo Tires? Review what these models offer and decide whether the Cosmo Mud Kicker will work for you or not!

Let's see what this mud terrain model has to offer!

Quick Review:

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Mud Terrain
  • Car Type: Light Trucks
  • Run Flat: No

Cosmo Mud Kicker

  • Damage protection
  • Mud terrain traction
  • Increased load durability
  • All season performance


One of the Best MT Tires from Cosmo

The Cosmo Mud Kicker is one of the best all season tires manufactured for off-road use. We will talk about that is more detail, but first... Style!

Cosmo tires are known for their aesthetic appeal. All models, from passenger to light truck tires, have one this common - they look phenomenal on your vehicle. Their mud terrain tire is no different!

The Mud Kicker features two distinct sidewall designs. One side sports raised black lettering, giving the vehicle an aggressive demeanor. On the other hand, the other sidewall offers a sleek style with lettering similar to that of Cosmo's UHP tires. Both sides also come with a textured pebble pattern along the shoulder area.

This dual-styled sidewall design allows vehicle owners to choose which side they wish to showcase on their vehicles.

Extreme Off-road Terrain Traction

Not only do the sidewalls provide style, but they also ensure the mud tires' off-road traction. These Cosmo tires come with staggered tread blocks across their footprint, which is combined with the biting edges generated by the sidewall pattern.

The multi-faceted shoulder claws are angled in order to generate a better grip. These allow the tire to firmly grip versatile terrains. As a result, these Cosmo tires are excellent offroad tires!

But, how did Cosmo achieve this? Continue reading out Cosmo Tire Review and find out!

What do the best mud terrain tires offer?

Off-road traction, year-round safety, optimized tread life, and upgraded durability. This is the short answer as this tire type is usually used for light trucks.

As a light truck tire, the Mud Kicker utilizes Cosmo's patented bead area design, which further boosts its soft, loose, and uneven terrain traction. This design provides additional biting edges, enabling the tire's consistent forward motion at all times.

The best mud tire must offer a secure terrain performance! However, they also have to ensure safer all season performance. When looking for off-road, light truck tires for sale, traction is one of the most important aspects and the best mud tires guarantee consistent forward motion even through deep mud.

In contrast to all season car tires, all season tires for off-road uses do not feature detailed tread elements. They rely on large tread blocks, no matter if they are for mid-size trucks or pick-up trucks.

Longest Lasting Mud Tire

Another aspect of the mud tire tracks it their high void ratio. These Cosmo tires feature large, staggered blocks and a wide groove pattern, which keep the footprint clean at all times.

The tread detail manages to eliminate mud, snow, and rocks from between the blocks. As a result, mud and snow do not block surface contact, but when it comes to LT tires' usability, its stone retention prevention is more important.

In other words, rocks cannot drill into the tread area and harm the casing. This is because the footprint makes sure stones cannot damage the structure. In other words, it protects the tire from external damage.

On the other hand, the stable block placement and wear-resistant compound work together to increase its usability. Even pressure circulation prevents irregular wear along the footprint, while the tire's service life is boosted with a slower wear manner.

The best cheap mud tire choice is the one that also offers longer usability!

Exceptional load durability

Cosmo tire reviews are not complete without talking about their exceptional durability. The Mud Kicker features a reinforced ply structure, which manages to maintain its ideal shape under pressure.

Mud terain, all season truck tires should not deform during their performance. If their structural integrity is compromised, off-road tires are unable to offer a secure drive. Therefore, Cosmo tires ensure their driving safety levels.

Not only does the stronger construction offer better load-carrying ability, but it also enables its stable off-road driving experience.


  • Stronger off-road traction
  • Optimally lengthened tread life
  • Enhacned load capacity


  • Not the best quiet mud tire

Product Information

These Cosmo tires are available in standard LT and standard inch sizes as well. Mud Kicker tires are available in 17-22 inch rim diameter sizes. This offers a wide variety of different truck sizes, which are available for various off-road performance trucks.

Additionally, this model is manufactured with Q and S speed ratings, which respectively ensure 99 mph and 112 mph speed durability. This speed limit is common for such tire sizes.

Load durability is also offered with this all season tire model. Cosmo tires with better load capacities are manufactured with better ply ratings. The Mud Kicker is available with the following load range ratings: C, E, and F, which make the tire perfect for mid-sized trucks.

Is the Cosmo Mud Kicker the Right Mud Terrain Tire for You?

Cosmo Tires reviews tell you how the tires perform, what they offer, and what sizes they are available in. However, whether the tires are for you is completely up to you.

Do these mud terrain tires offer the traction, longevity, and durability necessary for your truck's performance?

Purchase this brand if you are in need of durable mud terrain traction, which offers exceptional forward motion throughout its lifetime. Stronger mud terrain grip, self-cleaning tread design, slower and even wear, and ideal tire shape enable its exceptional off-road drive.

Therefore, if these features catch your eye, the Cosmo Mud Kicker might just be the tire set for you!

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