Cooper Discoverer HTP II Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on May 9th 2022

Cooper Discoverer HTP II Tire Review

Cooper Discoverer HTP II Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on May 9th 2022

Looking for a high-quality highway tire? The Cooper Discoverer HTP II offers all the capabilities you need for a safe and comfortable ride. This model is an affordable choice for crossovers, pickups, and SUVs that provides immense value.

You can count on its high performance whether you drive it on dry, wet, or snow-covered roads. Cooper has its own technologies when it comes to tire development, which is why they have plenty of high-quality models to offer.

We at Priority Tire evaluate dozens of tires day-by-day, and this one has certainly got our attention. It offers unparalleled wet and dry traction in its own price range. The tire’s ability to handle up to 8 inches of snow is also pretty impressive.

As we delved into the characteristics of the Cooper Discoverer HTP II, it turned out that this model has a lot to offer. Below, we are going to show you exactly what this tire is capable of.

Quick Review

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Highway
  • Car Type: Trucks and SUVs
  • Run Flat: NO
  • Warranty: 65,000 miles

Cooper Discoverer HTP II

  • Upgraded controllability
  • All season traction
  • Better driving comfort levels


Experience the Cooper Discoverer HTP II

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II is built with high performance in mind. The adaptive rubber blend and the asymmetric tread design makes this tire a great choice for a range of road and weather conditions. You can enjoy the driving comfort it provides, while relying on prompt and precise steering.

So, how is this model so good at handling, all season traction, and driving comfort as well?

First off, its tread is full of biting edges, due to the tire siping and the large number of individual tread blocks. Secondly, it utilizes a rubber compound that adapts to the outside temperature and maintains its flexibility.

But there is more to this tire than one might think. These are only a few of the capabilities that the Cooper Discoverer HTP II has to offer.

Excellent Traction on Dry and Wet Roads

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II is engineered with consistent traction in mind. It comes with a footprint that is fully packed with biting edges. Its irregular-shaped tread blocks and lateral siping establish a firm grip with the road surface in all weather conditions.

Traction is guaranteed by the adaptive rubber compound as well that maintains the tire’s flexibility throughout the year. You can rest assured that it remains sticky even during the coldest winter days - when traction is the most important.

These features greatly boost the overall driving safety, enabling you to enjoy a stress-free driving experience. The flat footprint keeps constant contact with the asphalt, utilizing large contact patch. With the straight and zigzag circumferential grooves, the tire can seamlessly disperse water and slush from the footprint.

Super Strong Structure with Steel Belts and Wrapped Nylon

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II promotes immense strength and durability with its reinforced construction. It features steel belts and wrapped nylon that both ensure a huge load capacity and high-speed durability.

It is made of a premium rubber compound mix that is not only adaptive but also tough. The tire resists deformations under large driving pressure. This means that it maintains its optimal shape even if you drive a bit aggressively.

Due to the advanced tread design, the tire boasts an exceptionally long tread life. The robust compound wears evenly across the footprint, keeping all tread elements in a great shape. This is the result of the even distribution of load and driving pressure, which also prevents irregular wear formations.

Serpentine Sipe Design for Better Handling on the Highway

The tread is extra-wide, utilizing five ribs that are densely packed with biting edges. This asymmetrical tire tread with the added silica in the compound optimize the tire’s handling. The R-Tech (response technology) strengthens the sidewall for better cornering.

This also results in enhanced lateral stability, enabling you to rely on faster and more precise steering responses. With more control in your hands, you can focus more on the road and command your vehicle with less effort.

The lateral siping is responsible for the vehicle’s driving stability, ensuring smooth maneuverability on the highway. The Cooper Discoverer HTP II can be driven on ice- and snow-covered roads with little to no difference in handling benefits.

A slight issue with the tire’s maneuverability is the fact that its sidewall is a bit soft for high-speed cornering. This is something that aggressive drivers should consider before buying a set of these tires.


  • Strong grip in dry and wet conditions
  • Good handling on snow and ice
  • Detailed tread for better driving comfort
  • Superb durability with spirally wrapped nylon


  • Falls short in high speed cornering performance
  • Average tread wear

Product Information

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II is a tire model that is made for highway driving. It can be installed on a variety of pick-up truck, crossover, and SUV models. The available rim sizes range from 16 to 22 inches. There are many vehicles that fall into this range, mostly smaller trucks.

The model comes in two speed ratings, including T and H. This puts it somewhere in the highway category. These symbols are the values that show what is the highest speed under which the tire can still endure the driving pressure. A T symbolizes a 118 mph (190 kmh) max speed, while a H refers to a 130 mph (210 kmh) max speed. Driving at these exact speeds is not a problem, although exceeding them is not recommended if you want to remain safe.

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II varies quite a bit when it comes to load capacity. Its load index ranges between 103 and 117. With a load index of 103, a single tire can carry 1929 lbs (875 kgs), while a load index of 117 has a 2833 lbs (1285 kgs) load carrying capacity.

With its asymmetrical tread pattern, high durability, and overall tread detail, the tire ensures a reliable high-speed performance.

Is the Cooper Discoverer HTP II the Right Tire for You?

The Cooper Discoverer HTP II is the type of highway tire that checks all the boxes in its own category. We have noticed that this is a rather underrated brand by the manufacturer. It somehow did not get as much attention as many other SUV/truck tires, although it offers a range of benefits that make it stand out.

It comes with all the important characteristics one is looking for in an all season tire. With this model, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Its tread and compound are both optimized for consistent traction in wet, dry, and light snow conditions.

While the sidewall can withstand the driving pressure during cornering, it is a bit soft for more aggressive drivers. Still, it provides a high degree of safety for light truck models while carrying heavy loads. Overall, we at Priority Tire are pleased about what the Cooper Discoverer HTP II is capable of. Plus, it comes with a 65,000 mile warranty despite it being a rather affordable model. 

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