Ardent Sport RX6 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Feb 28th 2022

Ardent Sport RX6 Tire Review

Ardent Sport RX6 Tire Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Feb 28th 2022

When it’s about high performance tires, then you really need to take a look around for a reliable one. Driving at high speeds should be a safe experience and it requires a tire you can trust!

However, you don’t necessarily need to start looking at the really expensive ones right away. There are some affordable tires to look at that bring the durability, performance, and handling you need for your vehicle.

Now, we know exactly how hard it is to narrow down the possibilities and filter out the really good ones. No worries, we are here to do that part of the job for you. In our search for the ideal, low-budget high performance tire, we have found the Ardent Sport RX6.

This one is an absolute gem among the abundance of passenger tires available in the market. Allow us a few minutes to break down its main characteristics here on PriorityTire!

Quick Review:

  • Season: All Season
  • Type: Performance and High Performance
  • Car Type: Passenger Vehicles and SUVs
  • Run Flat: No (some sizes are run flat)
  • In Stock: Yes (Check Price)

Experience the Ardent Sport RX6

The Ardent Sport RX6 is a performance and high performance tire model. Its rubber compound and densely siped tread pattern combined ensure outstanding traction in diverse weather conditions. Besides, it has some run flat sizes available as well, so you can count on it even after a complete loss of air pressure.

But let’s see what exactly this tire has to offer when mounted on your vehicle!

All Weather Traction

The model comes with a detailed asymmetric tread design that enhances year-round traction. Its  silica compound further boosts traction in various weather conditions. You can drive it on dry, wet, and snowy roads as well without having to worry about losing control.

The Ardent Sport RX6 boasts a five rib pattern that is covered with curved sipes. These play a huge role in ensuring a firm grip with the asphalt as you accelerate. Due to the tread pattern, the tire is densely populated with biting edges, which are required for every all season model.

The best thing about the rubber compound is that it adapts to the outside temperature. What this means is that it’s going to maintain the same flexibility no matter how hot or cold the weather is. This takes the model’s gripping ability to another level, contributing to a seamless driving experience even in harsh weather conditions.

The four circumferential grooves on the tread help a lot with wet traction. As the tire wades through the wet road surface on a rainy day, the water fills the grooves instead of blocking the footprint. Then it just leaves through the open shoulders, which enhances wet cornering.

However, we don’t recommend you to rush with this tire on rainy days. Traction can get a bit looser in wet weather conditions as you accelerate your vehicle to higher speeds.

High Speed Handling and Driving Stability

When you take a look at its carefully designed, wide tread pattern, you already know that the Ardent Sport RX6 is going to stay stable on the road. This model promotes a completely flat footprint for better surface contact.

So, what makes this model so easy to control?

The tire tread is designed with the aim to optimize surface contact. Being in contact with the road surface with five ribs neatly distributes the driving pressure across the tread. Since the tire sits so well on the road, it responds way faster to steering and also becomes more precise.

This balance also reduces the pressure on the sidewalls and on the tire’s structure overall. By being in constant contact with the road surface, the tread can ensure that the tire runs at its full potential. With the stable sidewall and robust shoulder blocks, cornering is going to be effortless throughout the performance.

The sturdy rubber compound effectively counteracts the forces of steering, preventing side-slipping. The grooves are not only there for hydroplaning prevention but also help with braking. Together with the angled notches, they significantly shorten the braking distance. Being able to handle the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering makes the Ardent Sport RX6 an ideal choice for a safe driving experience.

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Comfortable Driving Experience

The Ardent Sport RX6 already comes with some pretty good features, now there is only one piece missing. Besides consistent traction and maneuverability, it has to be comfortable as well.

Let’s see how this tire deals with road vibrations and noise!

The model promotes a closed shoulder rib that channels the airwaves away from the tread elements. This prevents road noise from being generated, which is important because there is a lot of friction going on with this tread pattern. The problem is fixed right at its root, therefore there is only a minimal amount of sound reaching the vehicle cabin.

The way the tread is designed to guarantee a comfortable driving experience, as the tire does not ruin the driver’s enjoyment. The Ardent Sport RX6 is engineered with special attention to detail to ensure maximum comfort in addition to the tire’s other beneficial features.

The only situation when the tire might get a bit louder is when driven at a high speed in dry road conditions. Approaching the speed limit set by the tire’s speed rating might result in slight screeching. Learn more in our extensive guide about what exactly makes tires quiet tires.

Run Flat Capability

Some sizes of the model feature the run flat technology, which can largely contribute to a stress-free driving experience. After all, it allows you to catch a flat tire without having to stop your car. This version of the Ardent Sport RX6 allows you to drive 50 more miles at 50 mph maximum speed.

You can reach the next safe location where tire change is possible and then continue from there. The tire’s tread can withstand your vehicle’s weight after losing air pressure. This is possible due to its strong internal construction that prevents it from falling apart.


  • Superb traction throughout the year
  • Excellent handling at high speeds
  • Maximized driving comfort
  • Run flat technology (only some sizes)


  • Loose wet traction at high speeds
  • Slight screeching in dry conditions at high speed

Product Information

The Ardent Sport RX6 is designed for passenger vehicles and SUVs. When it comes to rim size, this model is in the 16 to 22-inch range. This size availability makes it an ideal pick for a wide range of different vehicles, allowing you to choose the perfect one for your car.

This high-performance tire mainly features W and Y speed ratings. Only a few of them come with a H or V speed rating. This rating indicates the speed limit that is still considered as safe for the model. By driving faster, you would risk losing control or damaging the tread due to an overload of driving pressure. Y speed rated tires can reach 186 mph, while W rated ones can withstand 168 mph. These fall into the high performance category, while a H rated Ardent Sport RX6 has a 130 mph limit and the V rated ones 149 mph. These rather fall into the touring category.

The load index ranges from 77 to 117 for this model. This is the number that tells you how much load can be withstood by one tire. While the lower end is ideal for passenger cars, the ones with the higher load index are more suitable for SUVs. The model utilizes an all-season silica compound that guarantees year-round flexibility. Combined with its asymmetric tread design, the tire maintains consistent traction, allowing you to reliably control your vehicle.

Is the Ardent Sport RX6 the Right Tire for You?

The Ardent Sport RX6 is the type of high performance tire that does not demand much from your wallet, yet you get a decent quality tire.

We absolutely recommend it for your passenger car or SUV, as it is designed for the everyday driver. You can rely on a high level of handling and performance while enjoying a noise-free driving experience.

With some sizes, there is no need to worry about punctures either if you buy one of the available run flat sizes, as it can help you out in those unfortunate situations. This model enables you to rely on sharp cornering, outstanding traction, and impressive high speed durability.

The Ardent Sport RX6 performs well in versatile weather conditions. The all season silica compound makes it a great choice for harsh winter conditions and the hot summer asphalt as well. If you are looking for an affordable, yet versatile tire that won’t let you down, then this is the right one to pick. 

Ardent Sport RX6
  • All weather traction
  • High speed controllability
  • High driving comfort levels
  • Run flat sizes available
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