Achilles Desert Hawk XMT Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Dec 2nd 2022

Achilles Desert Hawk XMT Review

Achilles Desert Hawk XMT Review

Posted by Priority Tire on Dec 2nd 2022

The rush to create the best mud terrain tire is constant. Tire brands continuously develop newer and newer models that they title "the best". However, in most cases, that is an exaggerated marketing slogan.

For this reason, searching the tire market for durable mud terrain tires that come at reasonable prices can be tiresome. Consumers want long-lasting mud tires for truck applications, which provide the needed off-road traction. On top of this, the best-value tires are more popular. Not everyone can afford to overspend on light truck tires.

This is where brands like Achilles come into play! They offer the same quality as some higher-end brands, without sacrificing performance and traction. When it comes to Achilles tires, Desert Hawk is one of their main lineups, which includes offroad tires.

Give us a few minutes of your day and let us introduce you to Achilles' mud terrain tire: the Desert Hawk X MT. Continue reading our Achilles Desert Hawk XMT tires review to learn everything this tire has to offer.

Achilles Desert Hawk X MT Features

Achilles mud tires are exceptional. Both the Desert Hawk MT and Desert Hawk X MT deserve praise. However, in this Achilles Desert Hawk review, we only have time for the XMT model.

So, what exactly does the Desert Hawk X MT has to offer?

It is the most aggressive mud tire for trucks Achilles has to offer. Apart from its detailed tread area, the tire also features an X-protection sidewall design. This is further improved with the 3-step blocks to really upgrade its performance on off-road terrains.

Thanks to this aggressive tread pattern, these Achilles Desert Hawk tires safely perform on various terrains with ease.

Achilles Desert Hawk X MT


  • Damage resistance with X-protection sidewalls
  • Exceptional mud grip on various surfaces
  • Great dry and wet weather performance


  • Summer tires are not meant for winter use


An Outstanding Choice for Wet and Slippery Roads

As most summer tire models, the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT offers exceptional wet traction. This is achieved with the tread's special 3-step, staggered block pattern.

A mud terrain tire usually comes with year-round traction. In that regard, the Desert Hawk X MT is lacking a bit. However, its wet weather traction is that much stronger.

Apart from its summer compound blend, the mud tire also utilizes its dry and wet weather performance. The tread design's special 3-step block placement and ideal groove placement enhance its traction.

These tread elements optimize grip on wet surfaces, while also keeping the footprint clean. The self-cleaning nature of the tread eliminates mud and water from between the tread elements. As a result, consistent surface contact is guaranteed, minimizing the possibility of hydroplaning.

The Desert Hawk Guarantees Stability

By optimizing the footprint of this Desert Hawk, Achilles managed to increase its controllability as well. Aggressive mud tires for trucks often do not offer sharp handling, yet this tire succeeds in ensuring a safer performance.

Unlike many off-roading tires, the Desert Hawk XMT uses its block placement. These staggered tread blocks enable the tire to closely follow various terrain surfaces. As a result, it promotes better steering responsiveness and driving stability compared to other extreme mud tires.

Additionally, the aggressive tire pattern also promotes better braking. This pattern offers exceptional offroad tire traction, increasing traction. This helps the tire create friction when braking, decreasing its overall stopping distance.

The 3-step block placement increases footprint stability at all times. In this manner, these mud grip tires reduce tread flexing, enhancing the tire's cornering power. Their maximized tread stability provides better maneuvering on different surfaces, which is crucial for off-road tire models.

One of the Best Off Road Tires

It would be interesting if a mud terrain tire did not offer good off-road traction... well, it might happen, but not with the Achilles Desert Hawk X MT.

In fact, these aggressive truck mud tires guarantee exceptional off-road grip performance. The best off-road tire for daily driving use their staggered block placement and high void ratio, along with their X-protection sidewall design, to increase soft, loose, and uneven terrain grip.

Mud terrain tire models must provide adequate traction on versatile off-road surfaces. These tread elements are used by the Achilles Desert Hawk X MT to enable its surface motion. Deep mud and loose dirt terrain traction are guaranteed.

Off-road traction is not complete without enhancing the mud tire's damage resistance. Achillies achieved this in two ways:

  • Self-cleaning tread design
  • X-protection sidewall design

The self-cleaning ability not only boosts traction, but also helps to combat stone retention. Thanks to the high void ratio, 3-step blocks, and open shoulder pattern, rocks cannot drill into the tread area. As a result, stone drilling is avoided.

On the other hand, the detailed sidewall pattern guards the tire against external damage. Sharp cuts, punctures, and again stone retention, are prevented. Since different types of damage cannot harm the sidewall, they cannot shorten the tire's service life.

Is the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT Worth the Money?

The simple answer is: Yes.

The average "best mud tire for daily driving" is usually more expensive than the Achilles Desert Hawk X MT. Yet, this mud tire is able to provide the same performance as those tires can.

Simply based on this, these Achilles Desert Hawk tires are worth their price. But, we have mentioned their worth multiple times throughout this mud tire review.

So, to summarize - this aggressive mud terrain tire offers exceptional wet traction, off-road grip, damage resistance, and sharp controllability throughout its performance.

Achilles Desert Hawk X-MT Available Sizes

Achilles Desert Hawk XMT tires are manufactured in a wide size range, featuring 15-20-inch tires. The brand offers both flotation and metric tires for sale.

15-inch off road tires:

  • 27X8.5 R15
  • 33X12.5 R15
  • 32X11.5 R15
  • 31X10.5 R15
  • 32X11.5 R15
  • 31X10.5 R15
  • 30X9.5 R15
  • 33X12.5 R15
  • LT235/75 R15

16-inch mud tires:

  • LT235/85 R16
  • LT205/80 R16
  • LT265/75 R16
  • LT225/75 R16
  • LT265/70 R16
  • 245/70 R16

17-inch mud tires:

  • 37X12.5 R17
  • LT265/70 R17
  • LT305/70 R17
  • LT285/70 R17
  • LT 265/65 R17

18-inch off-road truck tires:

  • 265/60R18
  • LT285/60 R18

20-inch offroad tires:

  • 35X12.5 R20
  • 33X12.5 R20
  • 265/50 R20

Achilles is constantly working on adding new tire sizes to their Desert Hawk lineup. Check out which mud tire sizes are available for the Achilles Desert Hawk XMT at Priority Tire.


Who Makes Achilles Tires?

Achilles tires are manufactured by PT Multistrada Arah Sarana Tbk. This is an Indonesian tire manufacturing brand that owns two brands: Achilles and Corsa. The company is one of the largest Indonesian tire producers currently operating.

Are Achilles Tires Good?

Yes, Achilles, despite the lower price ranges, offers good-quality tires. The brand uses durable compounds, structures, and modern manufacturing technologies to create its products. From their passenger car to the mud terrain tires, Achilles models are considered to be an excellent choice for any vehicle.

Where are Achilles Tires Made?

Achilles tires are manufactured in Indonesia. The tire brand is owned by an Indonesian tire manufacturing factory PT. Multistrada Arah Sarana, or MASA for short. They import their products, including consumer favorite Achilles Desert Hawk tires, to the US market for distribution.

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