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Manufacturer Free Road Hazard

Road hazard damage is a type of damage which occurs during everyday driving when a puncture, bruise or impact causes tire failure. The most common examples of road hazard damage are caused by nails, curb damage, potholes or glass shards on the driving surface.

Some manufacturers extend their warranties to cover such tire failures. Usually, tire manufacturing companies only offer treadwear and structural guarantees, which ensure that tires will be replaced or reimbursed in case of tread, structural, or manufacturing failures if the correct procedures are followed.

However, in recent times, manufacturers have become aware of the importance of offering road hazard warranties as well. These types of guarantees ensure that tire failure caused during normal driving on maintained roads does not burn a hole through the consumer’s pockets.

To receive the manufacturer’s road hazard warranty, the purchased tires MUST be registered on the manufacturer’s website. If the tire is not registered by the buyer, the brand will deem the damaged tire ineligible to receive the benefits of the road hazard insurance.

We have compiled a list of manufacturers who offer road hazard insurance in case of such tire failures:

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