Electric Car Tire Maintenance

Posted by Priority Tire on May 27th 2022

Electric Car Tire Maintenance

Electric Car Tire Maintenance

Posted by Priority Tire on May 27th 2022

Creating a proper tire maintenance schedule is crucial to ensure your electric car performs in the desired manner. There are multiple ways to increase EV tire longevity, but it all boils down to keeping the tire's regular service appointments.

Yet, there are still some steps you can take on your own to guarantee the durability of your new tires. Owners need to make sure their tires mounted on the car offer a safer performance, as tire failure can have serious consequences.

Tire wear, air pressure, and tire rotation are the main things to keep in mind. Let's take a look at them in more detail.

How Long do Tires Last on Electric Cars?

The tires mounted on electric vehicles face more pressure. This is due to this car type having heavier constructions. The extra driving and load pressure will cause the tires for electric cars to have quicker treadwear. For this reason, they will usually last between 30,000 to 40,000 miles

EV Tires Maintenance

Electric vehicles need different types of tires - there is no question about it.

Even minor things can shorten their service life, so keeping up with everything can be tricky. EV owners need to know all issues that can arise due to the heavier weight and instant torque of these cars.

An electric vehicle

Whether you have aftermarket traditional tires or the original equipment models on your electric car, proper tire maintenance is crucial!

Tire Rotation of Electric Vehicles

The rule of thumb is to rotate your tires at least every 5,000 miles. It does not matter whether you have a regular or electric vehicle.

Tire rotation will help to keep the tread wear even across the footprint. Changing the wheel position of tires will change the pressure affecting them. This is because driving pressure affects the tires differently on the front and rear axles.

A tire being inspected

Rotating tires prevent excessive wear, making sure all four tires are wearing in the same manner. This will enhance their service life.

Vehicle Alignment

Electric vehicles also need to have correct wheel alignment. If the alignment is off point, the tires will develop irregular treadwear.

As soon as you notice your electric vehicle pulling to the side, vibrations in the passenger cabin, or increased wear on one tire side, have your car checked out. In most cases, the alignment is at fault, which can be easily fixed.

Tire Pressure

Tire or air pressure helps the tires run properly. Checking the PSI regularly will allow you to prevent issues from arising.

The number one issue which can come from this is irregular wear across the tread. If the outer and inside edge of the footprint has excessive wear, the tire is running on low air pressure. On the other hand, if the center tread is experiencing this issue, too much PSI is in the tire. This is caused as only those tread areas are in contact with the road surface.

Additionally, low air pressure levels will also increase the tire's rolling resistance. This is the pressure that regulates the vehicle's energy usage. Offering lower rolling resistance promotes a fuel-conscious performance. Purchasing energy-efficient tires and optimizing their PSI levels will help to improve the mileage of electric cars, offering an increased electric range.

Tire pressure being checked

Adjust the PSI to the correct levels to reduce tire wear. Furthermore, keeping all four tires are the same tire pressure to ensure their secure performance.

Check the Tread of Electric Vehicle Tires

EV drivers should visually inspect the tread area of the tires mounted on their cars. Heavier vehicles place more pressure on their tires, which can cause excessive tread wear across their footprint.

Regularly checking the tread area will help to optimize the treadwear range, avoiding premature and irregular formations. Keep in mind, that noticing uneven wear on time can save the tires, as it can be still corrected in its early stages.

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Irregular Tread Wear

The tire industry focuses on designing patterns that provide lengthened usability. However, external factors can shorten the tires' service life by placing more pressure on their footprint. With this, we are not even mentioning damage.

This is more true for EV tires, which face more pressure from the start. Electric vehicles need stronger tires, which are able to handle their heavier weight. Therefore, greater importance is placed on the tire's compound and structural durability.

Still, EV tires need to be visually inspected often. This is to ensure all irregular tread formations are noticed on time before an uneven treadwear pattern is developed.

Tread Depth

The tread depth of EV tires is another hot topic. It goes without saying that due to the instant torque of electric vehicles their tires face more driving pressure. This accelerates their treadwear significantly.

Tread Gauge

While some tire brands use durable rubber compounds to combat this, regularly checking the tread depth with a gauge will be beneficial. This will help notice excessive treadwear and minimizes the possibility of the vehicles being driven on worn-out tires.

Silent Driving Experience

Electric vehicles do not create engine noise! Therefore, every sound wave created during the drive will be heard by the vehicle's passengers. Unfortunately, irregular or uneven treadwear can further increase tire noise levels while the tires are in motion.

To combat road or tire noise an electric vehicle needs low noise tires. There are different technologies available on the market which make this happen. However, ensuring the tire's treadwear is even will provide higher efficiency in this regard.

Speed and Load Range

Purchasing new tires with the correct speed and load rating is important for every car, including EV models. While tires with a higher weight rating will cost more, not getting the correct durability can cause bigger issues.

While this is not necessarily part of regular tire maintenance, it can easily improve the rolling resistance, durability, and performance of the vehicle.

Load and speed rating

The engine's weight increases the overall weight of an EV. Therefore, high load capacity tires are needed. Other tires will not be able to handle the heavier load placed on them by the EV.

The other obstacle that needs to be taken into account is the speed rating. Every car has a speed limit, and the same goes for tires. Tires should not be driven over their speed durability.

Do Tires Wear out Faster on Electric Cars?

Yes, unfortunately, the tires of electric vehicles will wear out faster. The added pressure of the vehicle and the instant torque it creates will place more pressure on the tires' footprint, which shortens its tread life.

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