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You've got questions, we have answers. Below is a list of the most common questions from buyers.
If we don't have your answer below, feel free to call us at: 866-440-0177.

Are the tires for sale new or used?

The majority of our tire stock consists of new tires. Additionally, we have a couple of factory take-off tires and retreads available for purchase. However, as long as it is not stated otherwise on the listing, you will be purchasing new tires.

Do you provide a warranty on your tires?

All warranties are provided by the tire manufacturers. Priority Tire only offers a 90-day return policy for unused and unmounted tires.

Do I need to register my tires?

We do all tire registration for all our customers. In order to assure that all of our customers get notified in case of a tire recall, we register your tires with the Department of Transportation (DOT) for you. Your name and your address are passed on to the DOT and protected by Federal Law. Your information will never be used in any way other than in the unlikely event of a tire safety recall.

However, if you wish to be covered by the Road Hazard warranty some brands offer, you need to register the tires on their official website. Check our Manufacturer Free Road Hazard page for more information.

Are the photos in the listing of the actual tires I will receive?

Pictures shown are stock photos and are  not of the actual tire.  Pictures represents brand and model of the tire listed for sale.

Do you accept offers?

We do not accept offers. The current sale price is final.

Can I use my own shipping carrier account?

Unfortunately, we cannot allow customers to use their own shipping carrier accounts.

Do you offer discounted prices for local pickups?

We do not offer discounted prices for local pickups.

How long does it take for shipping delivery?

If an order is placed before 1pm EST on a business day we ship the order the same day. If it is placed after 1pm EST or over the weekend, we will ship the order out the following business day. Depending where you are located in the 48 contiguous states FedEx will take 1-6 business days to deliver the tires to you from our Allentown, PA location. For a more specific time frame contact us via e-mail or telephone 1-866-440-0177

Please note that as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the supply chain network, we're doing everything within our power to ensure orders are shipped as quickly as possible. However, despite our best efforts, shipping and delivery times may change unexpectedly. Please check your Order Status for the most current estimate of the shipping time. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Do you sell full sets of 4 matched tires?

Please see each individual product. We do have limited supply of certain models in certain sizes. Available quantity is displayed for every product.

Do you offer coupon codes on your website?

Occasionally, we offer coupon codes that can be viewed near the top of the page in a banner, located just below the navigation bar. If there is no banner before the main menu, then we do not currently offer a coupon. You can view all of our active coupons and sales on our Current Deals Page.

Do you carry tires for all types of vehicles?

We primarily carry passenger car, SUV, light truck and trailer tires. However we are continuously expanding our inventory, which also includes ATV, motorcycles, golf carts, four wheelers, off road trucks, lawn mowers, and commercial and industrial application tires. At the moment we do not offer doughnut tires, small spares, and other non-standard vehicle tires.

Is there a signature requirement on my order?

When the order value exceeds $2500, the tires are shipped out with a signature requirement and this is not optional. If you wish to add a signature requirement to your lower-value order, please contact our Customer Service via e-mail at or telephone at 1-866-440-0177. We are not able to remove signature requirements from shipments.

Where can I get these tires mounted?

You can take the tires to any of your local installers and have them mounted there. However, we also offer a special program for installations. During the checkout process, you will be able to select an installer of your choice and have the tires shipped to them. You will just need to take your vehicle in for a tire change once the tires arrive. Please read our Installers Page for more information.

Can I be notified when you receive a specific tire in stock?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not have a notification system set up on our website. However, we receive tires on a daily basis and we would advise you to check back often on our website.

Can I buy road hazard warranty on your tires?

At the moment we do not offer a road hazard warranty. Check back soon.

What are run flat tires?

Run flat tires are tires that are made with a sturdier construction. In case of air pressure loss, they are able to withstand the weight of the vehicle and be driven on for 50 miles up to the speed of 50 mph. These tires are usually made for vehicles without space for spare tires.

What does the 'load and speed' rating mean?

The load and speed ratings note how much weight and what speeds the tire can handle. In other words, they note the tire’s maximum load carrying and driving capability. It is not recommended to surpass the tire’s load and speed capacity. For more information please see our blog post on the subject.

What is a Priority Tire Gift Card?

The Gift Cards Priority Tire offers allows you to purchase tires for your loved ones even if you do not know the correct size. By purchasing a gift card, you pay for the gift card’s price and we send a message to your loved one. They will be able to use the gift card amount to get tires that are suitable for their vehicles and needs.

Do you need to spend the full amount of the Priority Tire Gift Card at once?

No, you do not need to spend the full amount of the Gift Card at once. You can use the card as many times as you need until the full amount is used up. If you do not have enough on the card left to cover the new purchase, you can combine the remaining amount on the gift card with a credit card or PayPal payment.

Does the Priority Tire Gift Card have an expiration date?

No, Priority Tire Gift Cards do not have an expiration date. Due to the nature of the products we are selling, we do not feel comfortable forcing our customers to use the gift cards in a specific time frame. You or your loved one can use the gift card when you are ready.

Is the price listed per tire or for all the tires in the listing?

The price is listed per tire. We do our best to show you the total price based on the number of tires you select to add to your cart.

Can Gift Cards be combined with available Coupon Codes?

Yes, our Gift Cards and Coupon Codes can be combined during checkout. In order for both of them to work, you need to add each one to the order (to be deducted from the price).

Do the prices listed include installation?

The price does not include installation, mounting and balancing.

Is it safe to use my credit card?

Yes. Our site meets and goes beyond all security standards. The site is secured by an SSL Certification with 256-bit encryption.

Does the tire have outline white letters (OWL) or does it have a whitewall (WW)?

We guarantee that if the representing photo shows the outline white letters (OWL) or the whitewall (WW) then the tire will have the OWL or WW. If the listing shows black wall photos then the tires do not have OWL or WW.

How much is shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico?

Unfortunately, we do not offer to ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

Can shipping charges be reduced or discounted?

We offer free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.

Can I pick up the tires from your local warehouse in Allentown, PA?

Yes, you can pick up your tires in our three main warehouses. Please give our Customer Service team a call at 866-440-0177 at least an hour before coming. This is to give our staff time to prepare the tires and to take payment for them (as we do not accept payments at our warehouses).

How old is the tire/tire service life?

Most of our listings have the year of manufacture noted in them. The manufacture year of the tire is specified in the product description. By making a purchase, the buyer agrees to receive the tire with the age stated in the listing. In cases where there is no production year disclosed, the Buyer likewise agrees to receive a Tire in New condition regardless of its age. We do not accept returns based on the age of the tires.

Do you sell rims/wheels?

Currently, we do not sell Rims. Our focus is currently set on selling the highest quality new tires

Do you offer military discount on your website?

Yes, we offer a military discount on our website. We offer a 5% (five percent) discount on the items purchased for past and present members of the US military. This discount cannot be matched with other discounts and promotions. If you are interested in receiving the military discount please send your military ID to our e-mail address and our Customer Service team will get you taken care of. Thank you for your service.

What is the difference between radial and bias ply tires?

The main difference is that Radial tires’ steel belts allow the sidewall and the tread to function as individual features, meaning the sidewall can flex without affecting the footprint. Because the plies in bias-ply tires run from sidewall to sidewall, the sidewall is very stiff, and any flexing of the sidewall is reflected in the tires’ footprint. Bias-ply tires can also overheat more easily due to the layers of rubber plies, whereas the steel belts in radial tires help to dissipate heat better.

Does FedEx need me to be at home to deliver the order?

You do not need to be at home when FedEx delivers. If the FedEx driver deems your neighborhood safe enough, they will leave your order by your front door.

Will this tire fit my vehicle?

Our website offers a Search by Vehicle option, but these programs are only capable of showing the Original Equipment Size of a certain vehicle and the result might not be accurate. The safest method is to check the size of your current tires, located on the tire’s sidewall. Priority Tire does not take responsibility in regards to the return shipping in the case of the wrong size being ordered, even if the Search by Vehicle option is used.

How often do you receive new tires/update your inventory?

We receive new tires on a daily basis and we keep the website up to date. Everything we currently have in stock is listed on our website.

Do you sell retreaded/blemished/defected tires?

We do not sell tires that have been damaged in any way. We do not sell retreaded tires, nor ones with manufacturing or cosmetic blemishes.

Do you offer a rebate?

Sometimes we have special promotions that include rebates. Please check out the Deals page for more information.

Can I use Run Flat with regular tires?

Unfortunately, no. Run flat tires are made with a heavier construction that enables them to support the vehicle in case of air pressure loss. This construction is different from the structure of non-run flat tires. If they were to be used together on the same vehicle, they would cause the vehicle to not be as responsive, making it unpredictable.

Can I find one page where you have both site reviews and product reviews?

Sure, you can find that review page here. Just click on tab for type of reviews you'd like to read.

Does your website provide accessibility for persons with disabilities?

Yes, Priority Tire has partnered with an accessibility interface to make our website more accessible for all. To adjust the website’s user interface to suit your personal needs, click on the blue man icon on the screen and select the personalization.

If we don't have your answer above, feel free to call us at: 866-440-0177