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Trailer Tires

No matter what type of trailer you own, it needs a set of quality tires. Choosing the correct tire set is important as it will help improve the trailer’s performance, durability, and service life. So, whether you are towing a boat, animals, or other cargo, trailer tires will provide a phenomenal towing experience.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Trailer Tires

  • Trailer tires are tires specially built for trailer applications. They are made for free-rolling axles, as they are unable to withstand the same pressure as car tires because of their differently constructed internal structures.
  • Tire manufacturers design these tires mostly for all season applications, but all weather variations are also available. This good traction is ensured with the ribbed tread design and the durable compound blend.
  • Most trailer tires feature symmetric ribbed tread designs. Brands optimize these tires to maintain consistent road contact, provide traction, and ensure towing safety.
  • Trailer tires are not known for their long service life. Still, they feature tread designs and use compound blends that optimize the treadwear rate and manner.
  • Load durability is the main characteristic of these tires. The internal structure of the tires determines their load capacity and the manner the tires can handle such loads.
  • Trailer tires utilize their internal structures to stabilize the trailer they are mounted on. This enhances the towing vehicle’s control over the trailer, leading to a secure drive.
  • Depending on the type of trailer tire you purchase, they will be for different applications. Determine what the trailer will be used for and shop for tires based on that.

How to Choose the Right Trailer Tires:

  • Trailer tires are designed to be used on the free-rolling axles of trailers. They feature different internal structures compared to car tires. These tires are optimized for load durability and towing stability to ensure a safer towing experience.
  • Trailer tires are manufactured for versatile trailer applications. You can find tires for different trailers in this category, which offer great traction, performance, and durability.
  • Be sure to check the tire size you need for your trailer. Matching the tire size is crucial as they are not interchangeable. Find the trailer’s size in its owner’s manual or by looking at its current tires.
  • The type of trailer you own and its use will dictate the internal structure of the trailer tire you will need. The options are radial, bias, and diagonal, all of which offer different pros and cons during their applications.
  • Make sure you match the tire’s load durability to the trailer’s needs. Look for the load rating and load range of the tire and select one that can handle the weight of the trailer and its cargo.
  • Most trailer tires are manufactured for all season use, but some all weather models can also be found. Depending on the trailer’s application, choose the tire season best suited for your trailer’s performance.
  • Tire quality greatly depends on the brand they purchase. However, there are some hidden gems in the tire market among the lesser-known brands. Reading customer reviews is a good way to find them.
  • Setting a budget will help the tire selection process go smoothly. A realistic budget will narrow the available tire selection and prevent customers from overspending.
  • Proper tire maintenance is important for all tires, but especially for trailer tires as they tend to have shorter lifespans. Professional installations, tire balancing, and frequent tire pressure checks can help enhance the tire’s service life
Transport your cargo safely without issues. Ensure your trailer follows towing instructions while keeping its stability. Eliminate trailer swaying with the correct trailer tire set and enjoy a secure towing experience.
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