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Trailer tires are manufactured for boat trailers, campers and utility trailers and they ensure a safer towing experience. These tires are mounted on the vehicles that are being towed. They need to prevent swaying during the drive, and they ensure this with a stiff sidewall construction. The tire structure is not flexible, which boosts the towing ability. The construction also allows the tires to carry and withstand the heavy weights of trailers without deformation. These tires come in all season and summer models and they maintain road contact constantly, which improves the control the towing vehicle has over them.

  • Towed Vehicle

    Trailer tires are mounted on the vehicle’s that are towed and they need a stiff construction, as a flexible one can cause swaying during the drive.

  • Heavy Loads

    These tires are made to handle and withstand heavy weights, this is ensured with their reinforced construction, which also strengthens the sidewalls.

  • Road Contact

    The trailer tire needs to be in contact with the road at all times to keep swaying under control at all times, offering a better towing ability.

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