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42X16.50R28 Tires

Considering which tire size you need is important. Not all tires are the right fit for your vehicle. Therefore, spending some time learning about tire sizes, their meanings, and applications will help you narrow down your search. Of course, reading the tire size is not so easy, but it is an important skill. It consists of multiple numbers and letters, all of which have meanings. To learn more, keep reading.

42X16.50R28 Tire Size Explanation

  • 42 - This number represents the tire’s overall height in inches. In this case, the tire is 42 inches (1066.8 mm) tall.
  • 16.50 - The second number is the tire’s width in inches. This means that the tire is 16.50 inches (419.1 mm) wide.
  • R - This indicates that the tire was manufactured with a radial construction, which is the most common tire construction type used today.
  • 28 - This last number denotes the diameter of the wheel in inches. This tire was manufactured to be mounted on 28-inch (711.2 mm) wheels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing 42X16.50R28 Tires:

Apart from the tire size, drivers must consider multiple other factors as well, before deciding which tires to purchase. Here are some things to look into:

Vehicle Compatibility:

Check the owner’s manual for the tire size suitable for your vehicle, as 42X16.50R28 tires might not work for it.

Tire Type:

After deciding on the tire size, figure out whether you need snow tires or all season tires (maybe even summer tires) for your specific application.

Tread Pattern:

The optimized tread pattern of 42X16.50R28 tires helps improve the vehicle’s performance and driving safety.


Create a budget! 42X16.50R28 tires can be pricey and creating a budget range will help you decide between different tires more easily.

Brand and Quality:

Research the tires you are interested in before finalizing your purchase. Get the quality tires that work best for your vehicle.

Load and Speed Rating:

Find suitable tire load and speed ratings for your vehicle. If they do not match your vehicle, they will not work for you.

Tire Maintenance

Consistent tire maintenance helps lengthen the usability and durability of each 42X16.50R28 tire. Make sure to check your tires regularly.


If 42X16.50R28 tires are the correct size for your vehicle, don’t forget to consider other factors as well. When every tire puzzle piece is placed where it belongs, 42X16.50R28 tires offer exceptional performance, handling, and traction. This results in a safer driving experience as the tires are specifically chosen to optimize the vehicle’s performance, the driving habits, and the vehicle’s ability to perform in different weather and road conditions.

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