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Winter Tires Sale

Winter tires are meant to be used in colder temperature situations. They are designed and constructed to perform well on ice and snow-covered road surfaces safely. Non-winter tires lose their traction and flexibility once the temperature drops, but winter tires are manufactured with compound that maintains the model’s road gripping ability. Their tread is deeper to actively disperse snow and slush stuck between the tread elements and prevent it from being blocked from its contact with the road surface. The tread blocks feature a high-density 3D siping detail that boost the tire’s grip on the winter weather road surface.

  • Compound

    While all season and summer tires stiffen in cold temperatures, winter tires are manufactured with a tire compound that maintains its flexibility for a better grip.

  • Tread Design

    These tires usually have directional tread patterns and deeper tread depths to easily perform in snow and one ice and to prevent snow packing between the tread.

  • Siping

    The tread design always has a high density siping detail on winter tires, which increases the number of biting edges to perform well on ice and snow-covered roads.

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