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Mud terrain tires are manufactured to perform well on soft and loose road surfaces. They are known for treading through loose mud and sand with ease. Their aggressive tread design sports large tread blocks, and a high void ratio and it extends down to the upper sidewalls, for added traction. The tread design maintains a clean footprint by cleaning out mud and ejecting rocks stuck between the tread elements, preventing the tire’s footprint from being blocked from its contact with the road surface. The tread design and reinforced internal structure increase the damage resistance, guaranteeing a safer driving experience.

  • Damage Resistance

    The tire’s tread design and reinforced internal structure work together to prevent off-road damage that can harm the tire and shorten its life.

  • Tread Design

    The characteristically aggressive tread design features large tread blocks, high void ratio and stone ejectors to ensure constant contact and traction in mud.

  • Sidewall Tread

    As the tire needs to handle soft and loose terrain its tread design extends to the upper sidewalls to increase the number of biting edges for traction.

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