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Highway Tires

Highway tires, also known as highway terrain tires, are specially designed for use on paved roads and highways. Whether you are driving on highways or city streets, smooth comfort, stable handling, and reduced fuel consumption are just some of the characteristics HT tires offer.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Highway Tires

  • Most highway tires are manufactured with ribbed tread designs that ensure consistent road contact. This greatly lowers road noise and vibrations, preventing them from ruining the passengers’ driving enjoyment during the drive. As such, highway tires bring a quiet and comfortable performance.
  • These improvements also effectively decrease the rolling resistance of highway tires, which is crucial to guarantee better fuel economy. Lowering the rolling resistance decreases the tire’s energy usage, optimizing the vehicle’s gas mileage and fuel consumption.
  • They are the most cost-effective choice! Thanks to the stronger compound blends and the stable tread designs, highway tires significantly lengthen their service life and lifespan.
  • Highway tires are the definition of driving stability on paved roads. Their tread patterns utilize stable center ribs that increase road contact, which leads to excellent steering responsiveness and stability. Such predictable handling and maneuvering characteristics make sure the driver has consistent control over the vehicle.
  • Most highway tires generate all season traction, enabling their secure performance in both hot and cold temperatures. Additionally, some highway tires provide even inclement weather grip that further improves year-round performance.
  • Highway tires are suitable for a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, coupes, and trucks. Drivers often prefer them as they offer great versatility from daily commuting to long-distance travel. The tires are perfect for such vehicles due to their ability to bring stability, comfort, and fuel efficiency throughout the drive

How to Choose the Right Highway Tires:

  • Highway tires are an excellent choice for both highway and city applications. These durability tires are able to withstand harsh weather conditions and offer minimal off-road traction.
  • Match the tire size and the load durability of the highway tires to your vehicle’s needs. Locate the recommended tire size for your truck in its owner’s manual, which will also state the necessary load index and load range.
  • Different tires come with varying quality levels. Therefore, it is important to find a suitable highway tire set that works for you. Reading customer reviews is a great way to get insight into the real-life performance of specific highway tire models.
  • For areas that experience versatile weather conditions over the year, choosing all season highway tires is the best option. This guarantees their secure performance on dry, rainy, and light winter roads.
  • Carefully consider cost and value and set your budget accordingly. Whether you purchase premium or budget tire brands does not matter, as long as you select options that fit your driving needs.
  • Have your tires professionally mounted and do not forget about regular tire maintenance. This combination will help lengthen their lifespan, without diminishing the performance and traction of highway tires
If you are looking for good handling, excellent comfort levels, and better fuel economy, highway tires are perfect for you. They are suitable for versatile applications - a leisurely highway drive, embarking on a road trip, or everyday commuting.
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