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High performance tires are manufactured to be able to excel at speed, They have the highest speed ratings among the tire types. They come in W, Y and Z speed rating that allow the tire to withstand the high speed driving pressure. The tires are made from a soft rubber material which upgrades the road gripping ability and allows even heat distribution along the tread surface. The wider contact patch, with the lower tread design detail, the lightweight construction and the narrow sidewalls improve the model’s steering responsiveness and shorten the braking distance significantly, guaranteeing a ultimate control.

  • Speed Rating

    High performance tires come with W, Y and Z speed ratings that ensure that the tire can withstand the pressure of the fastest driving.

  • Handling

    These tires have a wider contact patch, lightweight structure and narrow sidewalls that work together to increase control and braking ability.

  • Compound

    The compound is made from a soft material that allows the tire to enhance its road gripping ability and evenly distribute the driving heat.

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